Question: On Balikbayan and Electronics

This is a question for everyone.

Are balikbayans [like us] allowed to bring in electronics [more specifically an LCD TV] without being tax by the Philippine customs?

Hubby is planning on giving our existing 6-month old LCD TV as a wedding gift to his brother. I was just wondering if we are allowed to bring in a used-TV without having to pay taxes. What if its a brand new TV?

Please advice. Thank you in advance!


tintin said...

Hi Jo, how are you? I'm not sure about your question but I'm so excited for you on your impending visit back to the Phils!

Junnie said...

not if you have electronics na 220 ang voltage....

A 34-42' LCD TV can not be kept inside a bag so hindi pwedeng itago. If you declare it as used for the last 2 years and will give it as a gift, may kaukulang tax pero minimal. But if you say you own it and you're bringing it in for your personal use, baka wala. Tatanungin lang kung bakit mo dala dala sa Pinas e ang daming TV diyan :P

Anyway...the best way is to buy the LCD TV in the Philippines, 220 Volts na, baka mas mura pa (i dont think so), and you help our economy pa :)

Junnie said...

LCD TVs are also sensitive to transporting and should be packed well. Masyadong maraming downside. 110 nga ba yung TV niyo or auto volt, meron ba nun? :)

Here are ( prices of TV from Sony Philippines, medyo mahal nga....

Vanessa said...

Hi Jo! I hope you and your luvies are doing great. Do you have any plans of going to Cebu? Let me know if you are. We are also going to the Phils this June. We're staying the whole summer :-)

JO said...

Hi Tintin,
Thanks! Super excited na din kami!

Hi Junnie,
I don't like to bring in electronics, si hubby ang makulit. I've check duty free philippines website, and the price is like 70% more than the price here.

Hi Vanessa,
No plans of going to Cebu this time. We only have 2 weeks this time.

ghee said...

Hi Jo!medyo matagal na rin akong di nakakapag uwi nang electronics sa tin,kasi pinapapackage ko lang sila.pero ang technique kasi,used or not,papalabasin mo shang old na,nilalagyan namin ng stickers and everything para magmukhang gamit na sha at di na sisingilin ng taxes.wag lang masyadong malalaking appliances.

pardon me kung mali ako :)


evi said...

you know our wedding godfather handcarried microwave (his gift to us) from the US. I don't know if he paid taxes. i'm sure he thought about that too. why not call the airline?

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Thanks! I am not too keen on bringing electronics home, especially big ones like TV. Makulit lang si hubby.

Hi Evi,
Microwave is very small and easy to pack inside your luggage/balikbayan boxes. I don't think the airline would know. I need to contact Philippine customs.

Heart of Rachel said...

My parents put my laptop inside the balikbayan box and wasn't charged taxes since it was inside. I'm not sure about an LCD TV because it's bigger.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Laptop is easy to conceal because of its size. Besides one can easily say that its their personal one.