Shopping can be stressful

I didn't realized that attending a family wedding can be stressful.

When my brothers and sister got married, I was part of the entourage, hence, I didn't have to worry about what to wear!

But the wedding that we're going to attend is the wedding of hubby's youngest brother. So I am expected to wear formal dress. And as I mentioned before, I don't have a single dress or skirt in my closet.

My future SIL have a lot of requirements for her upcoming wedding. For example: she has a color motif that she wants all the guests to follow [Beige, Bronze, Gold and Cream]. And I didn't even know about this motif until last week.

These colors - Beige, Bronze, Gold, Cream -- doesn't really fit me well since I am a little overweight and these colors will make be even look bigger. Dark colors would fit me well.

At the same time, I know I still have time to shop once we got home, but I didn't want to waste the little time we have shopping for a dress. So I decided to get one here.

So here I am shopping for clothes and even went to the point of borrowing some clothes from friends because a formal gown just costs too much. But because of their motif, they said "no" to a couple of clothes that I tried on. And I am on the verge of not attending the wedding!

My question: If the invitation said to wear formal attire in the following colors, do you, as a guest, follow it? Would wearing a gown be too dressy for a wedding?

5 days to go before our trip to Manila...


tintin said...

Hi Jo, if formal attire is "decreed" then a gown is actually the correct attire. But goodness, you have to go through an approval panel before you can attend in what you want to wear? That's a bit much. Good luck!

LUTCHI said...

hopping and checking

evi said...

i think you should get a gown, jo. i recommend bronze. try bryan's or laura. they have gowns and usually it's on sale esp. summer is coming. i doubt though if they still have bronze coz i've seen a lot during christmas time.

christine said...

hi jo. i agree, go get a gown. :) it depends on the cut and layering (if any).

wow, a few more days and you'll be in jollibee land! inggit!

i like your new template, btw. :)

JO said...

Hi Tintin,
Actually what they don't agree with is the color that I decided to choose. Oh well!

Hi Lutchi,
Welcome back to my blog!

Hi Evi,
I actually got a gown at Bryan's. I didn't go with their motif. Bad, bad me!

Hi Christine,

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm not fond of wearing formal dresses/gowns too but there are important occasions like weddings that leave me no choice.

I read above that you already bought a gown. That's great.

Thanks for your anniversary greeting for my parents.

DOPS said...

Hello! I thought women do not have problems when it comes to shopping for clothes, and the choosing of...well, everything...

My wife do the choosing most of the time, I guess she misses her doll before =) (joking)

Well, goodluck jo with your shopping spree!

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Same here!

Hi Dops,
Welcome back! Shopping for formal dress is no fun for me! But shopping for other stuff is what I would enjoy.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

if i will have to buy because I have nothing formal to wear, maybe I would consider buying in the color specified, but it really depends if the color fits me. siempre I would be using the same gown not only once but a lot of times. tama ka ang mahal bumili or magpatahi.

ngayon, kung meron na akong damit na isusuot, of course di na ako bibili. Basta sisipot nalang ako looking beautiful, siguro naman they won't deny entry na. Minsan kasi the reason for asking about wearing something, para lang maganda ang dating ng wedding, pero if you go na maganda ka or kahit sabihin na nating feeling beautiful, it won't make a difference.

i think the bride would understand. I don't find wearing a gown too dressy especially if it's an evening affair. pero kung lunch a cocktail dress should be it. haha ang haba ng comment ko.

ghee said...

depende sa style ng gown,Jo :)
a simple gown will make it :)
sarap mag shopping ano?

Raquel said...

Malapit na, I'm sure all of you are ready by now.

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
Thanks! If they have not been too choosy about the color of my dress, I could have borrowed from a friend instead of spending $115 for a dress that I will be wearing for one night only!

Hi Ghee,

Hi Raquel,
Ready and excited to go!