"Enjoy it"

Ever since 9/11 happened, airport security had gone through a lot of changes. One specific example are the limits of liquids/gels/creams/lotions that you are allowed in your carry-on bags. Any liquids/gels/creams/lotions in more than 100ml containers are no longer allowed.

What I don't understand is that some passengers take this personally. They don't want to get rid of their toothpaste or shampoo or lotion. I would understand if it is a perfume. And I personally do not take perfumes from passengers even if it is over the limit. Simply because I know it is very expensive. But I would always tell them to put it in their checked bags next time as they might not be able to get away with it.

We used to have a big blue bin where we put all confiscated items. These were sorted out and everything that is new is sold at an auction and the money goes to charity. Or some were donated to the food bank [like unopen can drinks] for the homeless people. Screening Officers are not allowed to take these items as it is a ground for termination.

To us Screening officers, these confiscated items are garbage! We have no interest in these items! We have no use for your items. And it is degrading for us when passenger say "enjoy it." We are simply following the rules provided by Transport Canada. And we definitely DO NOT "enjoy" using them as we are not allowed to take these home. And hearing passengers say "enjoy it" changes our mood and drive to work.

Now, we are no longer using the blue bin. Everything goes straight to the garbage. So even the homeless people are no longer benefiting from these unused items.

If something was confiscated from you, you do have 3 options:

  1. You can leave it with a non-travelling family/friend.
  2. Or you also have the option to check your bags [that is if you haven't reached the maximum checked bags].
  3. Or you can mail it to yourself! [Which might costs more than the confiscated items as it is based on weight]
But based on my experience, once people know how much its going to costs them to do #2 and 3, they willingly leave their confiscated items behind.