The next 5 days!

Here's a recap of our first 4 days in Manila.

Day 5 - Wednesday - Another movie night

Spent time with my best friend, M at Glorietta. We watched "Sex and the City" while hubby did his own thing at the mall waiting for me. And later had dinner at the food court. I ate at the House of Mini's, but sad to say, its not the same as before. I didn't like my food this time.

Day 6 - Thursday - Another family day

We had to take a trip down to downtown Manila to see my papa, brothers and sisters, and nephews and nieces. Can't believe how much they've grown! They are now teenagers!

Later in the evening, its the Despidida de Soltero y Soltera at my in-laws house. More beso-beso and more food and non-stop chitchatting. Here's our menu for the night:

Lechon is fresh from Cebu.

Morcon with vegetables and Sweet and sour fish fillet

Pasta and Beef with mushroom sauce

Day 7 - Friday - Dinner with friends

We decided to booked a hotel for the night before the wedding. My in-laws just have so many guests from abroad and province that its getting a bit crowded at her house. Besides, I want to look fresh for the wedding with less hassle.

So we got a room at Bayview Park Hotel in Ermita. They have the poorest service that I have ever encountered!!! I wouldn't recommend this hotel to anyone!

Later in the evening, we met up with Junnie, Linnor and Jerry at Greenbelt 5 before proceeding to meet our college friends at Greenbelt 3.

Day 8 - Saturday, June 7, 2008 - The WEDDING DAY!

Patricia and I had our hair and make up done at the hotel. Her first make up had all this glitter that doesn't look good on camera, so I had to have it redone.

Patricia didn't like the flowers on her hair.
I bought Patrick's barong at Kultura Filipino at MOA.

Cousin Alex [1.5 years old, the smaller kid in this picture],
still jetlag and walking on his own.

Patricia guiding the other flower girl [Annika is 1.5 years old]

Reception followed at Teatrillo... And this is what I've observed --
  • As soon as the couple enters the reception area, they proceeded to the cake cutting.
  • There were love birds in the room but they did not release them.
  • The bride no longer throw the bouquet nor did the groom throw the garter. They handpicked a couple to pass the bouquet and the garter. Both of whom are getting married later this year.
  • Instead of the normal newly weds going to each table to have their picture taken with the guests, the guests have to go to them to have their group picture taken before proceeding to the buffet table. This did minimize the crowd at the buffet table.
  • And it seems that the traditional tiered [layered] cake is also out. Instead they had a personal size cake done for each of the principal sponsors.
  • Pictures of the couple taken before and after the wedding rites are shown via slide show during dinner.
  • One hour at the church and two hours at the reception... and the party is all over! I remember my wedding lasted longer than that!
Here's a picture of the newly weds in their first dance as husband and wife.

Day 9 - Sunday - Tour guide day

Today, we are the tour guide to hubby's cousin, M, from the USA and her friend, E. First, we took them to Tagaytay and took pictures of the Taal Volcano... then we had lunch at Josephine's... then I booked them for a body massage at night at Marionnaud and we did some shopping too! M loved to shop. She bought shoes, bags, clothes and sleepwear from Zara, Marks and Spencer and our very own, SM. For her, the prices are really cheaper here.

Then we ended the night with a late dinner at Seaside Macapagal. But we ended up not happy since the market is already closed and we have limited choices for our 10pm dinner.

It has been a fun day for both of them since they've been in Manila for 1 week and they haven't really done any shopping since my MIL kept them busy with family reunions and gatherings and out of town trips...

We got home past midnight already and they only have 3 hours to sleep before they have to go to the airport to catch their flight.

More updates to follow...


Ann said...

Same with the wedding ceremony we attended last month, more organized na nga ngayon sa mga wedding reception.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jo. Lovely photos. I'm sure it was a beautiful wedding. Patricia looked so pretty in her wedding gown and Patrick was dashing in his barong.

Glad you had a lot of quality time with the family and had a chance to meet some friends.

Heart of Rachel said...

I don't know why my message came out anonymous earlier. - Rachel

evi said...

your husband's cousin's vacation seemed fast forward. imagine only 3 hours before their flight. i'm sure when they got home past midnight, they still have to pack what they shopped. but you know sometimes there's more fun to last minute shopping. anyway, they'll get enough sleep in the plane.

your kids look great. the wedding reception is nice. wedding tradition has changed with the times. ba't wala kang picture? hehe...

toni said...

Oooh I love weddings! Marami nang gimmicks sa reception ngayon. :D I didn't have throwing of the bouquet or garter during my reception either. I just passed it on to one of my friends. :)

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Kaya lang, parang nawala na yun tradition sa mga kasal. Di ba?

Hi Rach,
Thanks! I love seeing Patrick in barong for the very first time. But he is at the age where he doesn't like to pose for me anymore.

Hi Evi,
Hehehe... they only have 1 week in Mambusao/Manila and I believe that's the only day they were able to do some shopping. Camera shy ako eh... besides I'm the photographer, so I'm not in the pictures. ",)

Hi Toni,
Me too! Weddings makes me feel nostalgic.

Linnor said...

nice to finally meet you jo, and mike too! :)

JO said...

Hi Linnor,
Same here.

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, thank you for keeping me alive, I will update my blog soon. Na receive mo ang email ko about sa SP? I didn't receive any confirmation eh. Let me know, mahaba kase yun.

It seems like this wedding ceremony is sentimental to me. Di kase ako naka wedding gown nung kinasal kami ni hubby. I hope someday (2nd wedding in pinas). *wink*

People in the pictures looks happy...what a nice family circle you have there.

Raquel said...

What I meant yung mga bata, sayang-saya nila. Na mi-miss ko tuloy ang pinas.