PMN Family Photo: Bliss

Congratulations to the newly weds!
This is my brother in law [hubby's youngest brother]
and his new bride in their first dance as husband and wife.
June 7, 2008, Teatrillo, Intramuros, Philippines

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denden said...

hi jo!

great pic. did you take this?

Raquel said...


Looking forward for more photos. Please post Filipino foods too.

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

did everyone wear the prescribed color? ^_^

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to the lovely couple.

Parati ko nalang nakakalimutan ang PMN Fam Pics.

JO said...

Hi Denden,
Yes, I took the pic.

Hi Raquel,
I didn't take a lot of Filipino food this time...

Hi Girlie,
Nope. And I am glad that someone wore the same color as my dress -- peachy orange.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! It's ok, I haven't seen PMN site up since last month.