I need a new vacuum

I've own at least 4-5 different vacuums since we moved to Canada. My vacuum normally lasts about 1 to 1.5 years only. I kept on changing because they never seem to last long and I am not happy with the result. I haven't found the one that really cleans the carpet to my satisfaction. The hardest part to clean would be the staircase since I don't have a handheld vacuum.

My current vacuum seems to be failing me now and I am in search of a new vacuum cleaner. I need a new one before we move to our new home. I don't want to be bringing all my junk to the new place.

5238dd240x180publicAnd I think I just found the solution to my problem. Dirt Devil just introduces its first cordless vacuums to earn Energy Star approval with its AccuCharge technology, a stick vac and hand vac that uses 70% less energy. It is a high-efficiency charging system that saves time and money while you do your part to reduce energy consumption. The hand vac has a bagless technology and a 15.6 volt motor. This is perfect for cleaning my staircase and car.

I strongly believe that this is money well spent.

Sponsored by Dirt Devil AccuCharge