Saturday. We drove 30 mins to the city of Cochrane for some ice cream. Yup, you read it right. A friend told me that they have the best ice cream in town, and since my family loves ice cream, I decided to take them out for a treat. People do line up for their share of ice cream, and we ate ours at Centennial Plaza which is just across the street.

City of Cochrane

Cochrane Centennial Plaza

MacKay's ice cream.

We each order a cone ice cream, single scoop...
and it already costs us $19. Way too expensive.
A No Name brand, 4 liter ice cream is just $5.99.

So when the kids wanted a second round, I decided to buy in pint.
These 3 costs us $24.50. We got Cotton Candy [for Patricia],
Mango [for Patrick] and Avocado [for me].
A much better deal than buying in cones. ",)

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evi said...

3 pints for 24.50 vs. 3 scoops for 19... ang laki ng difference. what's the taste? is it really different from the regular ice cream you can buy from the supermarket?

lady cess said...

hi jo, you have your new domain na pala. will update my links =) i hope this one goes thru google reader.

lady cess said...

it does! yehey, easier na for me to get updates from your blog!

MommyBa said...

ice cream!!! penge ako!!!!

have a great week ahead! I enjoyed reading all your posts. and thanks for doing the tag. i'm off to work in a bit.

take care!

Lynn said...

Hi! Welcome to WS! I participate there weekly. It's fun. Your picture there seems to be a long drive but the ice cream must be worth it. I love avocado by the way. :)

JO said...

Hi Evi,
The Avocado and Cotton candy are good... the Mango, medyo may lasang gamot? pero puwede na din.

Hi Cess,
Yup, got one last February pa. Thanks!

Hi Liz,
Come and get it!

Hi Lynn,
Thanks! I will try my best to participate every week.

Junnie said...

lasang gamot...doesnt sound right...

Kawartha's Ice Cream are the best in Ontario...i hope to compare that when we get there...:)

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Pat loves the mango flavor... to me, it has a weird taste. Will definitely take you there when you come for a visit.

Heart of Rachel said...

Delicious flavors. I want to try the cotton candy. :)