New career path

Hubby used to be an Engineer back home. That has been his profession for over 10 years. He loved it but he also wanted to be a computer wiz.

When we decided to move to Canada, he tried to look for an Engineering job here. He learned that he needs to go back to school and be certified in Canada to be able to step into an Engineering career once more.

He then decided that if he is going back to school, he might as well change career path. Because IT is more in-demand than Engineer. So he decided to take up IT. He went back to school full time for 6 months and now holds CISCO certificate, Microsoft MSCE and MCP certificate, CompTIA and Novell certificates. I'm sure he has more credentials than the ones I've mentioned here.

He started with a small family business back in Toronto. And slowly move from one company to the next, until he landed his current job with a big corporation. He is now very much happy with his new career path. At least with IT, you don't need to worry about losing your job. Majority of the companies, small or big, needs IT people to handle and manage their business.

So if you are thinking of changing a career path, you might want to consider taking Cisco certification program. The fundamentals don't change so much once your network is in place. Hubby enjoys the setting up stage of networking. He finds it very challenging.

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