On cakes and chocolates

My daughter loves anything sweet. She can forego lunch and dinner in lieu of chocolates and cakes. And so just to discipline her, its very rare that I would have chocolates and cakes in the house except when I’m hosting a get together.

And since I sometimes crave to eat chocolate or cake, I made it a point that it’s something I bring when I’m invited to a party or gathering. That way, I get to eat a slice of it, satisfied my craving and am not forced to finish the whole cake. And my daughter will be forced to eat healthier food.


Tani said...

That's one way of satisfying your craving... sharing your chocolate! :) ako i don't share. when i see my kids eating chocolates, i take it from them and eat the chocolates myself. so my kids don't eat chocolates, but their mama is fat. :)

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Hahaha... I do that too and hubby's not happy with it. He thinks I'm depriving my kids of chocolates. ",)