One man's trash is another's work of art!

Tim Noble and Sue Webster make pictures of themselves using piles of junk and a light.

Some of their notable pieces are made from piles of rubbish collected from London streets. A light is projected against the pile, and the shadow on the wall creates an entirely different image, typically one of the couple themselves: this is not at all apparent from looking directly at the pile. SOURCE

He and She

Real Life is Rubbish (2002) consists of two separate piles of general household rubbish onto which a light is projected, creating a shadow self-portrait of Noble and Webster. Though resting with backs to each other and shoulders hunched, the axe and hammer in their hands indicate that there is work to be done. The contrast between the intricate rubbish assemblage of the foreground and the silent contemplative shadow builders of the background reminds us that artwork always involves a physical transformation, from rubbish to real life and back again.

Dirty White Trash with Gulls (1998) is composed of six months' worth of the artists' discarded trash—the same time it took the artists to create the piece. A slide projector lights the sculptural mass to cast a perfect shadow—a double self-portrait—of the artists enjoying a glass of wine and a cigarette.


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