Our summer schedule

Here's the summer schedule of my kids at home --

    Morning time [from wake up time till 12 noon]:
  • Clean up their bedrooms
  • 10 sentences of journal entries
  • TV time
    After lunch [12noon to 7pm]:
  • From noon time till about 4pm it's Wii or DS or computer playtime
  • From 4pm to 7pm, its outdoor playtime
    After dinner:
  • Reading time
  • Clean up time
  • Family bonding time [movie/singing/board games]
And I am proud to say that it is working perfectly! Their beds are made as soon as they got up. When the time is up for Wii/DS, they willingly clean up and put the controllers for the Wii and DS on my computer desk. No complaints! No tantrums!

If they do get into an arguments or somebody [usually my daughter] starts crying, they know that its the end of their Wii/DS/computer time. And they will have to find something else to do -- like reading.

On my day-offs, I have scheduled chores that they need to do for me [like sorting out bottles for recycle, putting away their clothes after laundry, sweep the floor] and do some other extra school-related activities before they can get hold of their Wii/DS.

So far, I have enrolled them for a 2-week summer camp. Their first week of camp starts today. So less Wii/DS/computer time this week. I might add another week if I could fit it into our budget. I am also planning to enroll both of them for swimming and piano lessons for Patricia. I just need to do some scheduling so that there will be no conflict with all of our schedules.

Summer time -- a time for kids to enjoy their days without school and homework. But it is also a time where parents spent more money paying for day camps and babysitters. But best of all, it is a family time to enjoy the great outdoors!


evi said...

axel is registered for the day camp whole summer. no choice eh. ang mahal pero sulit naman bec. they have outdoor activities.

training your kids with household chores is good bec. it teaches them how to be responsible.

Heart of Rachel said...

I like the idea of summer camps because it gives kids the opportunity to become more independent. It's also a great and fun activity for them.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
I have a 14 year old who is willing to look after the kids... so lucky me. It will be cheaper to pay him than daycamp. So I figured, 2-3 weeks of camp is enough.

Hi Rach,
Me too, if only they made it more affordable.