Photo Hunt #19: What is that?

This Photo Hunt is for July 19's theme. I know it's a bit late. I really didn't know what to post for the topic... until today.

In my line of work, we get to see things we don't even want to see. Here is one example --

click image to enlarge
Do you know what is in the x-ray???
This particular bag is owned by a man.

A small token will be given to the FIRST one who can tell me correctly what is in this image. [Please don't forget to leave your email address so that I can get in touch with you.]

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Raquel said...

It looks like a sex toy.

MrsPartyGirl said...

omg! is that a dildo?? yikes, hahaha!

Baker Watson said...

Well, I guess an X-ray is better than having to take it out and inspect it.

Or do things like that get 'confiscated', lol.

Heart of Rachel said...

It looks like a bunch of coins and an iPod or cellphone.

Leah said...

oh yeah, it looks like a dildo and the blue image is an mp3 and eyeglass.

btw, i tagged you

Kevin Lam said...

OMG, that man killed his unfaithful wife's lover, and cut it to brought it back as a message to his wife. That was gross!

JO said...

Hi Raquel and Meeya,
You got it right! You can apply for my job na.

Hi BakerWatson,
No, things like that don't get confiscated.

Hi Rach,
Yup, but then there is something else in the image. Look again.

Hi Leah,
Thanks! I've done that tag already.

Hi Lam,
So you are still around... how's the kids?

julie said...

This is a fun post :)

JO said...

Thanks Julie!