TT #46 : 13 more Movies

We just love to watch movies... at home! We no longer watch movies at the theater. It's way too expensive and our kids can't watch most of these movies anyway.

Here are the last 13 Movies that I've watched

~ The above movies are highly recommended ~

~ Very funny and entertaining ~

~ Hubby loves it! ~

~ Disturbing and Confusing ~

~ My all time favorite ~

~ Not as great as the first trilogy... but it is still a good movie ~
This was the only movie that we watched on the big screen,
while we were on our family vacation in the Philippines!

~ Too violent and bloody ~

~ Boring! ~

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Raquel said...

What a great list Jo. I watched most of them too. By the way, did you already watch Out of the Ashes? I will recommend this movie.

Junnie said...

Memento is confusing....:P ? just have to watch it again...this time, pabaliktad, like a blog :)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Will see if I can download that one.

Hi Junnie,
So what's the story in Memento? Even hubby didn't understand the story.

Elaine said...

oh i can hardly wait to see the last indiana jones.. it's that good huh? goodie!

Alice Audrey said...

Is Indiana Jones out on video already? Yeah! Looking forward to it.

Chelle Y. said...

If you do not go to the movies, how did you see some of those already? They are still in the theaters! :)

Denise Patrick said...

I'm not a movie person, so I haven't seen any of them (except the earlier Indiana Jones movies long time ago). Thanks for stopping by my TT - please leave a comment next time.

Bubba said...

Quite a variety of movies there. I just can't bring myself to see The Love Guru...maybe one of these days.

Great list! Happy TT!

niceheart said...

I might check out American Crime. I've never heard of it before but I've seen the works of Catherine Keener and Ellen Page. I like them both.

Ann said...

Great list. Love the Indy movies. The last one was quite fun. :)

Robin said...

I haven't been to a non-kid movie in ages - the last one I saw was Kung Fu Panda!

JO said...

Hi Elaine,
I don't like it as much as I like the first 3 series.

Hi Alice,
Nope. I don't think its out yet.

Hi Chelle,
I just download it from the internet... and they are in DVD quality.

Hi Denise,
Thanks for visiting. Next time.

JO said...

Hi Bubba,
I wouldn't watch it myself either, but I was just accompanying my husband.

Hi Irene,
American Crime is a bit disturbing... but it is based on a true story.

Hi Ann,

Hi Robin,
I haven't seen that one yet. But I heard that its a good one.