080808 birthday celebration!

Since its a special day, I prepared a party for Patricia's 8th birthday at home. We invited the kids in our neighbors. I didn't have any organized activity set for that day.

First they watched "Kung fu Panda" while the others play Chess and Cadoo. Then, they had snack - spaghetti and pizza. Then they all went outside to play badminton, catch ball... etc... Later, they decided its cake and ice cream time [this was about 6pm]. Then the boys wanted to play Wii and Nintendo DS, while the girls did some coloring as a contest.

Nobody wants to go home, they keep asking up to what time is the party. And I just answered that it all depends on when they want to go home and as long as their parents don't look for them. Still, I decided to send everybody home at 9pm.

Patricia's guests are all our neighbors...
most of them were able to stay in our house for the party from 2:30pm till 9:00pm...

They all said "this is the best birthday party ever!"


Raquel said...

Look s like they had fun! Btw, I like the way you arrange your photo frames.

fennymun said...

Belated happy birthday to your lovely daughter!

Heart of Rachel said...

Belated Happy Birthday to Patricia! By the sound of it, you hosted a fun and successful birthday party. The kids must have enjoyed all those great food and fun activities.

ghee said...

its hard to manage a party abroad ano?but see the diff naman,your small visitors enjoyed it!

i think i want to held a bday party for ally this year.i hope so..

duke said...

belated happy birthday , Patricia!

I think that was a great party. Letting the kids do what they like the most and not imposing party games which not all of them may like.

Tani said...

Belated happy birthday party Patricia. That's so cool! Turning 8 at 888... ;) the party organizer must be really satisfied the kids had a great time. ;)

Connie said...

Happy Belated birthday to your daughter! What a special party for a special girl on a very special day ;)

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! I should have bought more of those frames when they were on sale... now I can't find similar ones.

Hi Fenny,

Hi Rach,
I think kids loved the fact that they are free to do whatever they want coz I don't really have a program.

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Not that hard naman. The only difference is the parents don't usually attend the parties. They just drop off their kids and pick them up after. In our case, the kids just came to our house by themselves since they just live doors away from us.

Hi Duke,
Thanks! I'm not a party planner myself, and I wouldn't want to hose a party with games... so I just let them do whatever they want.

Hi Tani,
Yes, and its not hard to manage all kids. They are actually in their best behavior.

Hi Connie,
Thanks! It is indeed a special day.

jessie said...


First off, thanks for dropping by my site. Second, I really hope swerte ang 080808 because the Chinese believe so. Sana lang din swertehin ang maganda mong anak. Take care!

Reflexes said...

Happy Birthday to Patricia!

JO said...

Hi Jessie and Reflexes,
Thanks! It sure was a fun day for her.