Photo Hunt: Wrinkled

I love my "wrinkled" dry roses... a gift from hubby and my kids.

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Lady Undercover said...

I kept dried roses too. The color faded a little but the petals stayed on the bud!


Raquel said...

It's wrinkled but it looks pretty. Keeping these roses that means, hubby and kids are very special.

mistyeiz said...

how lovely! it reminded me of my wedding bouquet which i have dried and kept too. :)

fennymun said...

good reminder of being loved.... :)

Kim said...

I really like the purple color, I also keep my dried roses at least until we move. Kim

eastcoastlife said...

I like the colour of your roses...
I have dried red roses from my huby.

Heart of Rachel said...

I love receiving flowers. I remember back in college, I received a dozen roses from someone special. After several days I hung them upside down to dry. It was a good way of preserving them.

JO said...

Hi Lady Undercover,
I had a few petals dropping already... do you know how to keep it together?

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! I can never grow live plants, so I will have to settle to dry ones. hehehe

Hi Mistyeiz,
That I didn't do. I totally didn't know that I could do that then.

Hi Fenny,

JO said...

Hi Kim,
They are actually pink roses, and became purple when dried up.

Hi Eastcoastlife,

Hi Rach,
I should do that next time. This ones I just left them on the vase to dry up. That is probably why some of the flowers are bending down. Thanks!