Voltes V

When we go on long road trips, I need to make sure the my kids will be kept busy in the car. So I bring their portable DVD player, they each bring 1-2 books to read and a few toys [like cards or stuff toys or Nintendo DS].

The first thing that I require of them is 15-30 minutes of quiet reading time. And then they get to watch a movie or play.

Here is Patrick watching Voltes V while we were on our way to and from Aspen Beach. I have the whole 40 episodes of Voltes V in DVD.

At first, I didn't want him to watch it coz I think it may be too violent for him. But then, I was watching it when it was aired in 1979[?]. My daughter, on the other hand, didn't like it, she said its too violent.


Junnie said...

Hi JO, complete pa yung Voltes V DVDs? sarap panoorin noh? I hope Patrick gets the value of discipline, teamwork and love from Voltes V. Kasi may aral din naman siya di ba?

Raquel said...

Thank you for giving me the idea Jo. I will buy Maria something that she can play on when we are in airplane.

sushigirl said...

wow! brings back memories!!!! not sure if it was in 1979 nga pero ang alam ko mga grade 5 or grade 6 tayo nun... (teka, did i just kindah give away ang age natin? hehehehe) basta sure ako sa sked sa channel 7 every 6pm: mondays-mekanda robot; tuesdays-daimos; wednesdays-mazinger z; thursdays-ufo grendaizer; friday-voltes v. grabe! to think na undergrad thesis namin sya ha! hehehehehe

ghee said...

haha,i eremeber Jo,naloko rin ako nun sa Voltes V!!

may bago na naman pala?

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Yup. I believe I copied it from you, di ba?

Hi Raquel,
Not just on planes, but also when you do road trips. It keeps the kids occupied.

Hi Susan,
Oo nga. While watching, hubby and I are trying to guess what's coming up next. Funny, how we would still remember bits and pieces of this. I'm trying to find copy of Daimos! May alam ka?

Hi Ghee,
Nope. My son was watching the original series that we grew up on.

Weng said...

same here, jo! i make sure we have enough to keep my abby entertained during long drives. kaya dala din namin ang dvd. otherwise, we'll hear abby ask "are we there yet?" every minute...yes, every minute! :D

evi said...

i know voltes v but i didn't watch it.

Michael Aulia said...

LOL that was my first cartoon in my life!

Watched it when I was like 6 years old maybe? (back around 1983-1985) It brings back memories ^^

Heart of Rachel said...

My hubby bought a DVD of Voltes V before and Yohan watched it with him. After that naging favorite na ni Yohan. In fact, on his last birthday his Uncle gave him his very own Voltes V action figure.

JO said...

Hi Weng,
Hehehe... I guess all mommies are tired of hearing "are we there yet?"

Hi Evi,
How come?

Hi Michael,
It sure does. Welcome to my blog.

Hi Rach,
Yes, I remember that birthday gift. I didn't realize that you can still buy those, or are they from his uncle's collection?

sushigirl said...

sige, jo, i'll try to look for daimos.... richard!!!! erica!!!!! hehehehehehe