Another way to come to Canada

For those who wish to come and work in Canada... check this out.

Or here are the direct links --


Recently, Calgary airport has hired a number of people from the Philippines to work at the different restaurants in the food court [Swiss Chalet, Tim Hortons...]. All expense paid including air fares. No consultation fees involved. No show money. You just need to have experience in the field that you are applying for. They even provide for lodging, sort of like a dormitory type for a minimal amount.

The employer will be paying the recruitment agency for their fees... the applicant will not be spending a dime. I think the catch is you need to sign a 2 year contract with them. It's a good stepping stone and 2 years is nothing. The only thing that you will be ask to pay is your medical exams. Processing time is minimum of 6 months.

I've met some of the Pinoys who recently came to Canada on working visa. So far there has been 2 batches already and I heard that there will be more. And they are quite happy with the opportunity. This is the company that helped them --

Mercan Canada Employment Philippines Inc.
Unit 502 Galleria Corporate Center
EDSA corner Ortigas, Quezon City, Philippines
Tel: +63(2) 910-8011 to 13
Fax: +63(514) 910-8014

Hope this little bit of information is able to help you and/or your family and friends. Goodluck!

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Junnie said...
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Junnie said...

This post is related to my post about our 4th year in Canada. We know you and the family will be able to help more people like us, 4 years ago,. Am sure your blog entry will.

Raquel said...

Cguro makarating lang ako jan if one of my sisters work/live there. Aside from caregiver, ano pang mas magandang work jan Jo na pueding mapag aralan sa pinas? My sis is planning to work in Canada but she don't know where to start. Ayaw naman nyang mag caregiver.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Just paying it forward...

Hi Raquel,
Dami... tell your sisters to ask the agency that I mentioned in this post. Those with restaurant experience is a definite plus.

HotMomma said...

Hi! there. Thanks for sharing this. It might help some of our relatives. Thanks again.

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