My aspiring little photographer

Last weekend, we went on a 3-hour drive to Waterton Lakes National Park. And we took a 2-hour cruise to take us to the border of Montana, USA.

Here are some pictures of the mountains from Montana taken by my daughter using my Sony DSC W-30. I forgot to bring her camera, and since I'm using my Nikon, I let her use my Sony.

She's trying to capture the little bear [left pic], but we were just too far...

Here, she's trying to capture the waves...

Border of Montana, USA

What do you think? Can she become a professional photographer someday???

That day, I took over 400 pictures! You can find one of them here. The rest to follow.


evi said...

she's pretty good. interesting to know that montana is close to alberta.

Heart of Rachel said...

Patricia is very good in taking photos. She's a natural.

Junnie said...

oh! she's been doing a lot of photography lately? let her do it! ang galing!

she has a camera na di ba?

HiPnCooLMoMMa said...

may mata sya Jo...galeng ni Patricia ha, ganda ng composition nya

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Montana border is about 3 hours drive lang... next time, we plan to cross and see the Glacier National Park of Montana.

Hi Rach,
Thanks! She is really enjoying it.

Hi Junnie,
Yes, she does. Kaya lang ang liit ng pixels, so the pics is not coming out nice. But still, she loved it. Mana yata sa Tito Junnie niya. ",)

Hi Girlie,

Gina said...

Ang gaganda ng mga kuha. Parang veteran photographer si Patricia,ah.

Jacqueline said...

Those pictures are so beautiful, I wanted to crawl inside my computer. Very seductive and breathtaking!

JO said...

Hi Gina and Jacqueline,
Thanks! She is really good!

denden said...

Hi Jo

I love your out of town always come back with great stories and pictures.

JO said...

Hi Denden,
Thanks! Lakwatsera ang buong pamilya namin. ",)