My first attempt at home business

When I saw website, it reminded me of the time when we first migrated to Canada. I wasn’t used to staying at home. But since I can’t work full time because of the kids, I had found other means to make extra income. So I tried to look for a home-based business. I don’t know about pro-blogging then. So I look around and found a couple of business that I decided to join and see where it leads me. Their ads are quite appealing – no experience needed, earn money while at home and work at your own pace.

The first company that I decided to join is into making unique beads. They will send me wholesale gemstone beads with instructions on how to make a bracelet or necklace and then they will pay me if my work meets their quality. Sounds easy enough, right? Well, it didn’t quite work out well for me because my kids were 4 and 1 year olds then. And I couldn’t find the time to sit and work on my beads.

My daughter on the other hand, just loves these colorful beads that she finds in stores. She had quite a huge collection already that she hardly wore.