My weekends are free again!

I have to work weekends when I first started working at the airport. As a newbie, I have no choice over whether I want to work on weekends or not. I am forced to work on weekends, period.

When I started working part-time, I had to choose weekends again as I have other plans during the weekday which was my other part time job for the tax season.

And then, summer came, and I am force to stay part time at the airport even though my contract with the tax company is over because of my kids. I work Sundays and Tuesdays. I can't afford to send them to day camp for 2 whole months! It is just way too expensive.

Now that school has started, I decided to remain working part time at the airport while I tried to apply for other companies. I have 2 prospects in mind and their hiring process is quite long since this will be with the federal government. {Wish me luck, please}

Today, I was just granted to work during Mondays and Tuesdays at the airport. And I am happy to have my weekends back! Yey!


evi said...

it makes a huge difference to have weekends off. good luck to your application, jo.

JO said...

Hi Evi,
Yes it does. Now, I can attend sunday mass again.

sushigirl said...

i can go on with only couple hours' sleep during weekdays but weekends?!? noooohhhhh!!!!! ;-)

JO said...

Hi Susan,
Me too! Buti na lang at napalitan na ang sched ko! Yipee talaga!