13 years!

It feels like it was only yesterday when I said "I do"... today marks our 13th wedding anniversary!!! Hubby and I have known each other since November 1988! How time flies...

You can read the first 10 years of our lives together from the link on the sidebar... When we celebrate our 20th, I'll be adding more to that entry. ",)

I've been asking hubby to replaced my lost wedding ring... but somehow, we kept on postponing it as there are more important things that we need to spend the money on. But lately, I found the ring that I wanted... I wanted titanium rings this time.


selle said...

hi jo! happy anniversary to you and your hubby! btw, ive temporarily set my blog to private mode. i would love to invite you (if you do not mind) to be one of my blog's readers. if you cld give me your gmail so i could send you an invite!

evi said...

happy anniversary to you and your hubs! wishing you many, many, many more years hanggang sa maputi na ang buhok nyo. hehe...

Amy said...

Happy Anniversary! 13 years is no small feat these days, I respect anyone who makes it! We celebrated 16 this year ... here is to many more!

Raquel said...

Happy 13th Anniversary Jo! More blessings and happiness.

Junnie said...

happy happy happy! who says 13th is an unlucky number???? not you and the family! God bless you on your 14th year together!

JO said...

Hi Selle,
Thanks! I don't have gmail... only yahoo... darcel260 AT yahoo.ca

Hi Evi,

Hi Amy,
Cheers to more years of togetherness to you and your husband.

Hi Raquel,

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! Hopefully our 14th year will be filled with more travelling. ",)