A good workout day

This extended family of ours moved to their new home last Saturday. And we helped them with the move!

Hubby and I had a good workout. Their apartment was on the third floor and there's no elevators. So we took a lot of trips going up and down.

We started moving stuff at around 10am and finished by 6pm. We also took a trip to Ikea to buy a mattress since they decided to get rid of their old one. And then, we had a late dinner at Korean BBQ.

The food was so delicious that the workout we had earlier went to waste. ",)

A meat dish and a seafood dish

Boiling miso soup

It's BBQ time...

Now, I'm dreading our own move. I have twice as much as their stuff and I honestly don't know where to start!


GMG said...

you can hire professional movers if you don't want to tackle the stress of moving all your things. :) by the way, the food looks really good! i love korean food!

tintin said...

I am so excited about seeing your own move! How's the house going?

sasha said...

Ay you made me really hungry, Jo! Hehehe... A couple of months ago, we also helped a relative move to a new place. What was supposed to be a daunting task turned to be so much fun :)

Have a great day!

evi said...

moving is overwhelming but your upcoming move will be an exciting one because it will be your very own home!

Raquel said...

Ay, napalaway ako Jo, BBQ ang pinaka the best jan. Ano na update sa house nyo? I'm excited din.

Perky said...

Looking at those pics before my lunch time was a mistake. Now I'm hungrier than ever & craving for bbq! Hehehe! ;)

Gregorio said...

That looks awesome!Whenever I'm in NYC I like to get in to Little Korea for a meal like this.For me it's all the extras around the table.Yum!

JO said...

Movers will be more expensive.

Hi Sasha,
Hopefully this will be our last move for a long, long time!

Hi Evi,
Yes, I'm excited...

Hi Raquel,
Oh yes, we had a fun dinner!!! It's a bit expensive, but we're happy.

Hi Perky,
Hehehe... don't deprive yourself of a nice BBQ lunch!

Hi Gregorio,
I didn't even bother to eat the extras on the table... I just concentrated on the meal itself.

Junnie said...

oh my...my favorite asian feast - Korean dishes! well aside from Chinese and Japanese food, Korean is the next best...oh I forgot Thai and Indian...kayo malapit na rin :)

MoziEsmé said...

That looks DELICIOUS! Best wishes with the move.

Elisabeth said...

We're considering putting our home up for sale. Oh, the thought! Yikes! There is so much "stuff".

That food does look yummy.

The Q Family said...

Ok. I just had lunch and now I am hungry again. Those look so good..

-Amy @ The Q Family

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
We will take you there when you come here... super yummy talaga...

Hi MoziEsme,

Hi Elisabeth,
Its nice to have a new home... but all those memories the old home has is irreplaceable.

Hi Amy,
I'm been drooling myself!