Postcard Project

Remember the days when having a pen pal is part of growing up? I had tons of pen pals from different countries when I was in high school. That was my life then as I rarely go out with friends. Through them, I was able to collect stamps, stationaries, old coins and paper money from different countries. I still have those with me.

I am currently collecting fridge magnets of the places that we've been to.

Recently, as I was blog hopping, I read about this mother who is collecting postcards. [Sorry, I forgot which blog it is.] Their family loves to travel like us. And every place that they've been to, they would mail a postcard addressed to their little daughter with a message on how she liked/disliked the trip/place and how she behaved that day or anything interesting that she did.

I had the sudden urge to start doing this to my kids or to myself [as if I don't have enough junk at home]. But seriously, I think this would be a cool collection for my kids to enjoy when they are older. I already got 2 from a friend who recently went to Winnipeg. Would you care to send me [or my kids] a postcard from your place? Please let me know by email and I'll email you back my mailing address. Thanks in advance.


ann said...

Hi Jo! Email me your address and I'll send you postcards from KSA.

evi said...

so, it doesn't matter if it is still within canada eh. i know i have your address but just incase, please email me your mailing add.

JO said...

Hi Ann,
Thanks! Will send it to your gmail account.

Hi Evi,
We still haven't move, it is still the same address. Thanks!

Shinade said...

Hi Jo,
I have heard and seen the blog also where the lady collects post cards. It's a neat idea.

I do the magnets too. But, finally had so many that I took them down.

My husband drives for a living and brings back lovely nice size stones. All kind of rocks and stones.

And we are placing them in our walkway to the house. So when he is retired we will have all of those memories.

Happy day!!:-))

Raquel said...

This is a nice hobby Jo. I will send you all the post cards that I had when we went in Graceland (Elvis Presley's hometown). I had it since 2005 pa but I forgot to mail them. Can you send me your home address? Di ko pa kase na organize lahat ng gamit namin kase kakalipat lang. I can't find my address books and cards.

Heart of Rachel said...

This is a fun idea. I would love to exchange post cards. I'll email you my address.

d3nd3n said...

This is a great idea, Jo. will email you :)

Junnie said...

i should have sent you a postcard from where we were yesterday. what a nice drive!

JO said...

Hi Shinade,
Wow! That's a cool way to create memories around the house. Thanks for visiting.

Hi Raquel,
Thanks! Will do.

Hi Rach,
Let's make Yohan and Patricia write to each other... what do you think? They can be penpals.

Hi Denden,

Hi Junnie,
I miss our fall drive in Ontario... boring ang fall dito eh! no orange/red leaves.