Tagalog movies

I miss watching Tagalog movies. That is why I am glad to know that there are Tagalog movies/TV series that are now available online. And for FREE!

Here are the 2 sites:

I don't dare start on a TV series as it will take more of my time. I already watched a few drama movies already and ends up with puffy eyes the next day.

I used to watch Maalaala mo kaya while I was still in the Philippines. The true stories there ALWAYS makes me cry! It always makes me think "what if that was me? what will I do? will I be able to survive? will I be able to make it without going insane?" And after so many years, Maalaala mo kaya is still there, giving meaningful advice.

I found one episode of Maalaala mo kaya in WowBulaga, the Mansyon [Mansion]. If you haven't seen it, it's a must-see movie.

Are there any more sites that offers free Tagalog movies? Please share the links. Thanks!

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Gem said...

Maalaala Mo Kaya is still a big hit. I still like their shows.

I hope you get more of these. I could not help you though.

Junnie said...

hahah, there were like 3 months that GMA 7 was showing on Rogers FOR FREE. So we had Eat Bulaga and others showing til last October 15 ata...ngayon wala na. ...:(

ann said...

Hi Jo! Wala ba kayong TFC and Pinoy Channel dyan sa cable?

NovaS said...

thanks for sharing this, i'll try to watch the one in maalala mo kaya

BK said...

Hmm, I have bookmarked this page. Going to check out the movie that you mentioned; I have always like movie that teaches us something or is inspiring.

Raquel said...

I used to watched Maalaala Mo Kaya and other drama/sentimental TV series but everytime I've watch it, it gives me heartaches to think about if I were in their shoes. So I prefer not to watch it instead.

JO said...

Hi Gem,
It's the only episode I could find online right now.

Hi Junnie,

Hi Ann,
I didn't subscribe to TFC, medyo mahal.

Hi Nova,
Enjoy the show.

Hi BK,
I just found out today that WowBulaga has a 60 minutes cut off... I have to wait another 120 minutes before I can continue watching "Caregiver"... bummmer!

Hi Raquel,
Sometimes, I just miss watching Tagalog shows... it just reminds me of home!

kai said...

I was hooked on Kim Samsoon courtesy of pinoy channel. Sayang the show ended already. I'm no fan of Regine but she's great in that show - ok palang mag-comedy :)

JO said...

Hi Kai,
Never heard of that show... I don't have pinoy channel here... just have to rely on what's online.

Anonymous said...

may ganito pala. :) i don't watch tv anymore.

JO said...

Hi Tani,
Coz you're too busy with your wedding preparation... looks like everything is coming into place. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.