TT #51: 13 Memorable Vacation Moments

13 Memorable Vacation Moments
  1. Taipei, Taiwan - May 1988 [my first trip abroad]
  2. Hong Kong - December 1991 [a gift to myself, almost 1 year after graduation]
  3. USA - May to September 1993 [a taste of being alone in another country]
  4. Hong Kong/Singapore - October 1995 [honeymoon]
  5. Bangkok - October 1998 [2nd honeymoon, free trip c/o MIL]
  6. SFO, Chicago, NYC, NJ, Orlando - March 1999 [3rd honeymoon]
  7. Beijing, China - August 2001
  8. Orlando - October 2004
  9. NYC/NJ/Washington DC - June 2006 [Boss' first trip to the USA]
  10. Blue Mountain, Collingwood, Ontario - February 2006 [first time to try skiing and I love it!]
  11. Trip back to the Philippines - July/August 2007
  12. Trip back to the Philippines - June 2008
  13. A 4-hour layover in Taipei, Taiwan - June 2008 [to see my cousins, niece, nephew, aunt and uncle]
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Junnie said...

I love this list as I almost at one point in time read about them from your blog or comments to my blog entries. Obvious ba that we share a common thing - travelling.

By the way, Trixie, our Matrix asked to have a new computer. Yes bumigay na yung kanyang ECM sa loob niya. The price was almost like a ticket to LA! :)

evi said...

a vacation to anywhere is memorable to me because it's the time when i do nothing but eat, sleep and have fun.

Jennifer said...

You are quite a globe trotter! I mostly just stay around my own home. I would like to visit a lot of places though one day when I can afford it.

Michelle M. said...

You've been all over. I'd love to go to a lot of the places that you have been.

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
I think I came up with a list of Ontario places that we love. And we miss doing road trips with you and Mitzi. I think it's time to buy a new car! Pinagod mo ng husto si Trixie.

Hi Evi,
Yes, a vacation is having nothing to do and all day to do it in.

Hi Jennifer,
I wish we could travel more, but we can only afford road trips.

Hi Michelle,
Thanks! You should start planning on doing some road trips! It's fun!