What are the traditions surrounding moving into a new house?

My friend at the airport told me I need 7 things: Mama Mary or Santo Nino, rice, salt, sugar, water, oil and live plant.

Another suggested that I threw coins on the floor too. Isn't this done on the house blessing?

Does the moon have anything to do with it? December 12 is the full moon, but we don't get the keys to the house until December 15 @ 2pm. This one is out of my hands.

What are your traditions? I guess it will not hurt me to follow some traditions, right? As long as I know the reason/logic behind it.

I also decided to do a little research --

"While there may be many customs worldwide associated with housewarming, the most familiar one is that of bringing three items: salt to ensure that life in the new home will always have flavor; bread, so that the homeowners will never go hungry; and wine, so that joy and prosperity will reign forever. The tradition of bringing these three items undoubtedly stems from pre-Christian lore and beliefs, but continues in many parts of the world today." SOURCE

Thai tradition: "You need to bring with you three items, rice, water, and knife. The rice and water, so that there will be plentiful and the owners will live in prosperity, and the knife is to protect the family from any evil spirits."

Chinese tradition: "... bring a flashlight and shine the light into the top and bottom corner of every closet and every room... What you're doing is transferring the spirits from the old place into the new place; you’re showing them where to go. It's a way of lighting their way. SOURCE

"We also had the usual custom of bringing in salt, rice, cotton, monggo seeds and water with us when we moved in." SOURCE
Our new homeThere's no way I will be doing the knife thing... it may cause me badluck. I'm Chinese but I have never heard of the flashlight thing either. Oh well... And what's the logic behind cotton and monggo seeds? Anyone?

I can't wait to see the inside of our new home. Anyway, after I bring in these "traditional" starters, the first thing I want to move and set up is our Christmas tree! I can't feel the Christmas spirit without a Christmas tree.

We have 9 days to move our stuff slowly. I use smaller boxes so I can move some stuff alone while the kids are in school. Then we will set aside either Saturday or Sunday [depending on the weather] to move all the heavier stuff and rent a U-Haul truck. I plan to sleep in our new home by December 21. If not, we will definitely celebrate Christmas in our new home. Wish us luck.

BTW, here's an interesting historical link --
Contractors in Fuzhou City, southeast China, have moved a historic priest's house to preserve traditions.


Heart of Rachel said...

When we moved to our new home we also brought rice, salt, sugar and water.

You must be very excited to move to your new home. Good luck.

BTW, did you receive my postcard already?

Junnie said...

First of all JO, Congratulations!

Next important thing is to bring happiness and joy to the house, and with God's blessing, that is assured.

No matter what tradition or belief we do, the important thing is to open your doors for love.

Knowing you and Mike and the kids, and our own experience in coming to Canada in 2004, you have shown us this and there's no doubt that God has blessed you a thousand fold more.

My 2 cents is that - you bring the key first - I really can't be serious for more than a minute? noh. But I meant everything I just wrote.

Anonymous said...

haay... I wish for a new house as well. I want to experience choosing must-haves for a housewarming. Did you consult a Feng Shui expert?

Raquel said...

I don't really believe all of these tradition and myth. If we talk about our culture and beliefs in the Philippines, like you have to do this and that in order to have a peaceful and harmony in the family, more blessings or money and whatever...kung ganun, bakit maraming naghihirap sa pinas. That's only my thoughts Jo.

Anyway, good luck malapit na talagang kayong makalipat. Hay, sarap ng feeling pag may sariling bahay na.

Shinade said...

Hi Jo,
First congratulations!! Oh you must just be so excited. I know the feeling.

I have never heard of these customs except for the salt.

We always bring a loaf of bread so that you will always be blessed with food, salt for some reason and I don;t remember and also a bottle of wine that home may always be filled with happiness.

Also when we were in Maine we always had our Pastor come and bless the home.

Oh I am so happy for you and can't wait to see the pictures when you get all moved in!!:-)

JO said...

Hi Rach,
That seems to be in everyone's list, where ever they may be. And yes, I just got your postcard yesterday, thanks!

Hi Junnie,
Thank you, thank you!!! I waited too long for this one. I'm sure we won't forget the keys! ",) Plan your visit here soon.

Hi Tani,
No Feng Shui... I just have to depend on what I know from my parents.

Hi Raquel,
Well, to each his own. For me, it doesn't hurt to follow certain traditions. Better to be safe than sorry, di ba?

Hi Shinade,
Yes, I'm very excited! I will bring a loaf of bread too! As for the house blessings, I might do it during the summer... or I haven't really thought about that far yet.

evi said...

hi jo, what an exciting christmas it will be for you guys! i can't add more to what junnie said. i can tell that it will a beautiful home!

Kimmy said...

Blessings! I would like to pass on an award I created for those who share the light! Thank you for inspiring me, and helping me on my journey. Love, light, and blessings. Love, Kimmy

JO said...

Hi Evi,
I'm sure it will be but I am really so stressed out these days... waaaah!

Hi Kimmy,
Thanks for the award. I am deeply touch.

Munchkin Mommy said...

naku, i'm so excited for you! feel na feel ko! may God bless your family and your new home!

oo nga, i don't agree with the knife thing, too! :)