Wordless Wednesday #8

I plan to stay away from the computer the whole day tomorrow to start my online tax course and hopefully finished it as soon as possible. So my WW is a bit early.

43 days till Christmas...
It's time to start mailing out our personalized Christmas cards.

Goodbye baby Amanda... she's going home to the Philippines end of this month!

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Kuanyin Moi said...

Such a happy, beautiful family! May baby Amanda's trip be safe and joyful! Happy WW!

Indrani said...

Nice shots, Jo!

Suz Broughton said...

What a precious family!
Thanks for coming by my blog today *)

alicesg said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. Nice photo.

JO said...

Hi Kuanyin, Indrani, Suz and Alice,

Thanks for visiting too!

Napaboaniya said...

You've just reminded me to get my X'mas cards ready!! :)

Momstart said...

So much to do. So little time. Yikes

J@n!ce said...

You are so thoughtful. I haven't been sending out greetings cards for years since there are virtual cards :)

ZJ said...

Hi Jo - you have just reminded me that I haven't done our Christmas cards too. I love the smiling kids - they're so cute and happy!

Amy said...

What a beautiful family! Good luck with your class. A magical WW to you!

Mojo said...

Good looking bunch you have there. Christmas cards... meh. I guess I really should send some, but I never seem to get around to it. Email is as good as I get for correspondence.

Ladynred said...

That's adorable baby Amanda. Nice shots too!

Anonymous said...

Neat pictures. I came here to visit Jo. My middle name is Jo and that is what my family has always called me. Good name.

chrome3d said...

Thanks for reminding that the cards should be sent soon. This post made me happy.

JO said...

Hi Napaboaniya,
Yes, better be early than late.

Hi Momstart,
Oh yes, I have a lot of things on my hand right now.

Hi Janice,
I still prefer the old traditional way of sending cards!

Hi ZJ,
This is my first personalized cards ever! Just thought I'd do something different this year.

JO said...

Hi Amy,

Hi Mojo,
I prefer the traditional way of greeting people on Christmas day.

Hi Agring,
Thanks! How are you?

Hi Charlotte,

Hi Chrome,
It's always good to be early.

my blog said...

Cute kids and very pretty Christmas cards!!

Have a great Wednesday and good luck getting everything done today that you need to get done!

fortuitous faery said...

wow...you have xmas cards already? so efficient!

Shinade said...

Hi Jo,
I just got back home from town. so I am late as always.

You have a beautiful family and Janice is right. how very kind and thoughtful to still send out real Christmas cards.

I buy them every year and sometimes even address them. but, I never seem to get around to mailing them.

My husband made me quit buying them last year after he found some from years ago that were even stamped.

I really should make an effort though.

Good luck tomorrow. As for me now I am so far behind I will be glued to this computer through the night!!

Thanks for stopping by to visit me!!

Happy WW:-)))

Hugs too:-))))

JO said...

Hi Myblog,

Hi FortuitousFaery,
I have to have them ready coz the next few weeks will be busier for me.

Hi Shinade,
Thanks for stopping by. This is my first time to send personalized cards actually.

DĂșnadan said...

good for you to be on track for the greeting cards. we sent personalized ones also last year.

this is a nice family blog. i'm building my blog roll so if you care to exchange links, do visit our site and leave a note there.

building strong boys...

Lori said...

Wow...it is that time of the year, isnt it? Happy WW and thanks for stopping by:)

JO said...

Hi Dunadan,
I love your site too... I already linked you up. Thanks!

Hi Lori,
Yes, it is!

Race said...

hi jo thanks for dropping by, baby amanda is so cute, she's got very pink cheeks!

me said...

you are too good..i have the cards bought...on sale from last year. but the photo? i just took it last week!

Melanie said...

Your smart to start on your cards now! I need to do that as well. Beautiful Children and very cute picture as well!

Anonymous said...

Your so organized to get your Christmas cards out early! Maybe this will be my motivation.

You have a beautiful family!

samantha said...

You have a beautiful family! I've got to start working on our Christmas cards as well. I've already taken the picture, but need to have the cards printed.

JO said...

Hi Race,
Yes she is beautiful!

Hi Me,
I just ordered mine!

Hi Melanie,
It takes time for them to deliver the cards, so better to be early. And it all stamps and ready to go anytime.

Hi Newlyweds,
Thanks! Go get yours ready now.

Hi Samantha,
Thanks! Ordering the print can take time, so you better do it now.

JO said...

THANK YOU all for visiting my WW! See you next Wednesday!

Hip Mom's Guide said...

Those pictures are so sweet! Thanks for stopping by and good luck with your Christmas cards!

Anonymous said...

gorgeous kids. :0

JO said...

Hi HipMom and Tani,
Thanks! It's all ready to go to the mailbox next week.