A glitch

If you've been following me in plurks or facebook, you know how excited I was to see the inside of our new home for the very first time yesterday.

The builder have scheduled our walk-through 5 days before the possession date. I tried to contest to this, because of "what ifs" but the builder assured me that that is enough time.

Today I found out that the walk-through is normally scheduled 2 weeks prior to possession day and before signing the mortgage papers. In our case, we signed our mortgage papers first before the walk through.

There are a few things that we were expecting but was told it was misinterpreted. For example:

  • We were told there will be a light switch for the electrical plugs in case we decided we wanted a floor lamp in the living room. This didn't happen.
  • When I upgraded the kitchen floor from lino to tile, I was told that the main bathroom will likewise be upgraded. Again, this didn't happen. Only the backsplash of the bathroom were changed to tiles, not the floor.
Maybe I misinterpreted things. But I can live without these things.

But they did screw up on one major thing that I can't accept. That is, the fridge door doesn't open all the way without hitting the island counter! My counter will probably not break because its granite... but the handle of the fridge door will definitely get damage. Besides, in the future, I don't think anybody will want to buy our house for this major glitch. Do you agree?

Now I see the problem in purchasing new homes.

Right now, I am still waiting for a call from the builder as to how they will deal with this.


UPDATE: [December 13, 2008]

The builder decided that the cheapest and easiest way to go is to upgrade my fridge to a side by side. This way, the door is smaller than the regular fridge and I will be able to open the fridge all the way. Of course, they will shoulder all additional costs to this.

The other option is to rebuild the island counter, but this will take days and I'm afraid they might cause damage to my tiles or carpet. Plus a possible delay in our moving date.


Raquel said...

If you don't complain, you'll be facing this problem many times of the day and maybe forever pa if you don't fix it. Palagi nating binubuksan ang ref, talagang you will think about the builder. I-complain mo yan Jo, you have all the rights naman kahit na pirmahan mo pa ang mga papers. I will also advise don't move yet kung hindi ayos lahat.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Naku, di talaga ako papayag na di nila ayusin yun. They are upgrading my fridge to a side by side one.

bugsybee said...

Happy new home, Jo!

I've transferred 3 or 4 times, I lost count and each time is as exciting as it is stressful. The last was especially stressful because everything seem to have gone wrong (like your fridge door, etc.) I sometimes wonder if builders are practical people. I mean ... don't they ever measure? Or think about "what-ifs"?

Anyway, good luck! Enjoy your new home!

Heart of Rachel said...

It's hard to imagine the fridge door hitting the island counter each time you open it. Good thing the builder came up with a quick solution. It's only right that they shoulder the cost because it's a shortcoming on their part.

Love said...

How about getting the "french door" refrigerator with split door fridge on top and bottom pull-out freezer?

JO said...

Hi Bugsy,
I move so many times already too... and it is really stressful! But I think this move is the biggest stress of all!

Hi Rach,
They should be quick at offering solution or they will not get paid!

Hi Love,
I don't think it will be a french door. I think they will be replacing it with a split door.