Home update

I spent days cleaning up our rental unit. My whole body is very sore right now. I need to clean them the way we got it when we first moved in or we won’t get our deposit back. I didn’t get the chance to use safety equipment like gloves because I felt that it slows me down. Now, I’m regretting not using gloves, because my fingers were all dried up from too much windex and soap!

Today, I met with the realtor and it seems that they will still do some cleaning and will be charging them to me. Her best estimate is that I will only receive half of my deposit. I really screwed up on the carpet cleaning in the living room! My kids really messed up a lot on that part of the house. It’s a good thing the bedrooms pass the inspection.

So in our new home, there will be no TV in the living room anymore! No TV means no eating on the carpet area. This is the only way I can protect the carpet from my kids. I will be putting the TV in the basement. I am going to be strict on “no eating anywhere in the house except the kitchen and dining area.” The basement is unfinished, so if they did try to sneak in some food or drink and make a mess, it wouldn't matter to me. Wish me luck. Hope it works!


evi said...

i think it's cheaper to shampoo the carpet yourself than letting them do it because of course they will charge you the labor as well. you can rent one at superstore i think. or maybe hire someone who can do it for you. that will still come out cheaper. alam mo naman yung mga landlord syempre mas gusto nila wala ng ibabalik from your deposit. pero yun nga lang kahit okay na baka sabihin nila dirty pa din.

Junnie said...

yes, I agree with Evi. I did the shampooing of the rental apartment by borrowing from Longo's for $ 60 the machine and bought shampoo for $ xx, and it looked new after the 2-hr session. Elbow grease lang ang talo but its all worth it. CLR also helps on the walls. The best cleaner, Mr. Clean Eraser Magic...am sure you've tried all of these.

marie said...

Happy New year, Happy new Home!

Raquel said...

Happy New Year Jo!

Oh, we cannot avoid those messy stuff if we have children. Mine is worst because they are young. That's a good idea without having a TV in the living room.

Francesca said...

di bale, when kids grows up, ikaw naman pasaway hehe, that teach them.

anyway, thanks for the email about the clone.she is not worth our time.
all the best for you this 2009.

JO said...

Hi Evi and Junnie,
I already did the shampooing myself, but the carpet was really a mess! As for the walls, I just didn't have the time to do it myself. Too tired already. And too much on my hands. Oh well! At least we are no longer renting.

Hi Marie,
Thanks! Same to you.

Hi Raquel,
Yes. Hopefully they will learn to care for our new home now that they are a bit older.

Hi Francesca,
What email? What clone? I don't remember sending you any email.

Butch said...

Hey Jo,
if your dinning is on the carpet area - what I recommend is to put a carpet protector (transparent plastic) which you lay on your carpet before putting your dinning table on.. this way - the dinning mess goes on the plastic - and not the carpet...
I should have shared my thoughts on cleaning the rental properties... have moved to 6 rentals before buying a house. if you are not really into the cleaning - best you hire a professional to clean it for you - cheaper than what the realtor will charge you... oh well... better late than never... hehehe...

B utz

Francesca said...

oh, its okey jo.
My mistake.
so many jo around as my buddies, i thought it was you. i still keep you kasi as my link in my blog.

good cheers and cute ng isda mo. pag nag anak, send me one hehe.

JO said...

Hi Butz,
Yes, I got those plastic protectors. And maybe if I have hired professional cleaners I would spend less than $580! That's what the realtor is charging me for the extra cleaning they have to do!

Hi Francesca,
Our fish is a male, no chance to reproduce.