Moving day!

I am quite thankful for all our friends who helped us with our move. We started Friday night at around 9:30pm. And since there are 5 men including hubby, it has been very easy for all of them to carry the heavier stuff like the couch, the bed, study table and more. We finished loading by 11:30pm but the pizza that I ordered was late due to the bad weather condition. While waiting for the pizza, they all decided to start unloading. Unloading was supposed to be done on Saturday morning with a different batch of helpers. But they all insisted, so we did unloading and were done by 1am. Then we had a very late midnight snack.

The next day, it was time to pack all the smaller and fragile stuff like our LCD TV and the piano. And most of our helpers then were female, so it wasn’t as bad anymore since all the heavier stuff had been moved.

Sunday, we were by ourselves already. And I started arranging the kitchen/living/dining rooms. And I am not done yet. And today, is more cleaning up and have the main floor ready for Christmas. Tomorrow will be shopping day! I still haven’t bought any Christmas gifts for my own kids!

Our skins and lips are all dried up from the long exposure to the cold weather. It’s a good thing it wasn’t snowing during the weekend though the temp was somewhere between -20 to -30C.

More story to follow….


Heart of Rachel said...

Hope everything went smoothly during your move.

Let me take this opportunity to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas.

Thank you for the Christmas card, stickers and bookmarks you sent. I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

Raquel said...

Ang bait2x naman nila buti nalang tinapos nila pati unloading. You must be very busy this time.

JO said...

Hi Rach,
Thanks! Still got lots of organizing and cleaning to do... and you're welcome!

Hi Raquel,
Yes, we were really lucky they came.

Anonymous said...

Ang galing naman. Bayanihan! :)