Friday Fill-ins #8


  1. Oh I am so excited for our upcoming vacation in Orlando... 16 more days to go.
  2. Embrace changes, big and little.
  3. During daytime when I don't have to work [like today], I feel more relax coz I am have an alone time with myself while the kids are in school and hubby's at work.
  4. Which of the following is the largest? A. peanut, B. elephant, C. The Moon and D. Hey, who are you calling large?... The answer picked by "Who wants to be a millionaire?" contestant, Kathy Evans of Idaho is elephant! That is after using all her lifelines. And this is a $100 question!; are you kidding me??? But it's true!
  5. Right now I'd like to be in bed, staying away from the cold, cold winter. It's about -30C outside with the windchill factor.
  6. My laptop and my DLSR are is my favorite gadget.
  7. And as for the weekend, tonight I'm looking forward to movie night with hubby and the kids, tomorrow my plans include going to Ikea and look at bar table for our bedroom and Sunday, I want to relax but can't coz I got to go to work!


Jerrie said...

Nice fill-ins! I really love Embrace changes, big and little. So true, so true!

junebug said...

Huh? Someone actually thought an elephant was bigger than the moon!?

No, no snow in TX right now. I was being sarcastic.. as if we ever get snow around here!

Khadra said...

oh I want to go to Ikea too! I love Ikea!

sara said...

I am going on a vacation in Florida in 17 days!! woo hoo!!!

and I love IKEA!!! wish one was closer to me!

JO said...

Hi Jerrie,

Hi Junebug,
Hehehe... and here I thought weather is going crazy because Texas got snow.

Hi Khadra,
I hope we find what we need at Ikea.

Hi Sara,
Yey! Let's sit back and relax and enjoy the sunny weather in Florida!

Martha said...

I like your answer to change! I am embracing some big changes coming in my life

Have fun at Disney, we live 1/2 hour from the parks! We were in Magic Kingdom on Sunday

Anonymous said...

That Millionaire thing is hysterical! Have a blast in Orlando (Disney World, I hope!) - one of our favorite vacation spots. Oh, and as for your weather, you need to come out Arizona-way sometime because it's been 70-80 and gorgeous this past week! (but the kids are begging for snow...)

Have a great weekend!

Daryl said...

Fun answers .. thanks for the visit!

Anonymous said...

Gotta love "alone" days. I only get an alone evening tonight. I kinda miss when Poor Hubby worked Saturdays...
Happy Friday! :)

JO said...

Hi Martha,
Oh you are so lucky!!! I would love to live a few minutes from Disney!

Hi Kellie,
I search through YouTube, and there's a bunch of stupid people on the show!

Hi Daryl,
Thanks too.

Hi Bundlecontradictions,
Oh yes, I cherished them a lot!!!

Diana_CT said...

I think change is great, just think how boring life would be without change.

Raquel said...

Wow, malapit na pala ang bakasyon nyo.

Junnie said...

Happy New Year Jo!!! May this new year bring you lots of joy and more hot weather...Enjoy!

JO said...

Hi Diana,
Oh yes.

Hi Raquel,
Yes, we are excited...

Hi Junnie,
Thanks! Same to you and Mitzi.