I had chicken sinigang and chicken nilaga left over at the fridge. Both were my kids' favorite Filipino dish.

I decided to boil more potatoes to add to the leftover nilaga... But as it turn out, I accidentally added the leftover sinigang instead! I didn't realize my mistake until I was serving my kids' their lunch. I notice that my nilaga suddenly have spinach when I added bok choy??? And so a new dish came out - sinilaga! hahaha!

My kids ate it with no complain even though I told them mommy made a big boo-boo! My daughter gave me a big hug saying "mommy, you are not dumb!" And my son compensated it by finishing his food! He said it taste funny but he liked both dishes so its okay. Such nice kids eh?

Hubby didn't even taste "my new dish" and so I had to throw everything out.

Today is Patrick's 12th birthday! And I'm off to prepare for his playdate with some friends this afternoon. I hope I will be able to manage all the kids. I'm expecting 5 guests plus my own 2 kids, so that makes it 7.



tintin said...

Happy Birthday Patrick!

ghee said...

Hi Jo!

Happy New Year and Happy birthday to Patrick!!

sinilaga?edible pa rin kaya ok lang db?haha!

wishing you and your family all the best ,Jo!!

Raquel said...

I'll prefer nilaga than sinigang. Maasim ang sinigang eh but I like to eat manggang hilaw.

Happy 12th Birthday to Patrick!

evi said...

at least you created your very own dish. hehe...

happy birthday to patrick. i take that the party is over. how was it?

Junnie said...

we were so busy the whole weekend that it came to pass that it was Patrick's birthday na pala....ambilis! Next year, may teenager ka na....

hopefully it will not be sinilaga for his 13th birthday...spaghecit naman! :)

Slices of Life said...

Happy Birthday to Patrick! It's nice how your kids treated your kitchen boo-boo in a positive way.

JO said...

Hi Tintin,

Hi Ghee,
Edible pa din, kakaiba ang timpla.

Hi Raquel,

Hi Evi,
The party was a success... all the kids were happy! But I have to teach my kids good manners on how to be a good host.

Hi Junnie,
I didn't make the sinilaga on his birthday. That was 2 days before the birthday. I'm sure you were busy celebrating your anniversary.

Hi Rach,
Yes, that's how much they love me! haha

d3nd3n said...

Hi Jo!

Thank you for the well wishes. Happy NEw Year to you and your fam and happy birthday to Patrick.


FickleMinded said...

Happy Birthday, Patrick!!!
my first son's name is Patrick too, :)

JO said...

Hi Denden,

Hi Fickleminded,
Thanks! Patrick is a very common name.

Grace said...

Jo, I should try that new recipe sometimes. That's the beauty of being Pinoy, we can reinvent recipe and still come out great.

And happy birthday to your son!
Thanks for linking to us.