Weekend Snapshot #6: Car Accident

Not my car... but this is the car that I hit last December 19 on my way to my daughter's recital...

Read more about my first car accident here.


arielle said...

Accidents happen. I am just glad nobody was hurt and that the owner of the car you hit was understanding.

stan said...

yipes! I hope that wasn't a too costly affair.

SASSY MOM said...

Oh, my! I hope you're alright! take care!

Ibyang said...

at least no one got hurt seriously.

stay safe always :)

JO said...

Hi Arielle,
I am just too glad nobody got hurt.

Hi Stan,
I hope so too... I still don't know the amount of my damage.

Hi SassyMom,
Yes, we are all ok.

Hi Ibyang,
That's the most important thing.

Heart of Rachel said...

Sorry to hear about that accident. Glad to know no one got hurt.

Junnie said...

tsk tsk tsk...not much of damage (parang yung iba nandun na when you hit him) but for an old car, that's going to be hard to replace...good thing you were all safe including the driver of the aggrieved vehicle...ingat.

Raquel said...

Buti nalang mabait ang may-ari sa nabangga mong sasakyan.

JO said...

Hi Rach,

Hi Junnie,
But I was told that damage could be over $1000... tsk tsk tsk talaga! Asar ang snow at weather!

Hi Raquel,
He still hasn't called me back, so I hope he would still be very nice to me when he calls for the damage.

Indigo said...

Uh oh. :-) Happy WW!