What to do with Julian?

We are going on a trip! We are going to Orlando, Florida next month for 9 days.

I will be using our mileage to get free tickets for all of us. So the airfare is technically free! Woohoo! My kids and I are very excited! We will be meeting my in-laws from New York there and my MIL is also coming for a visit. We will be renting a house since there's 9 of us altogether.

Next, I need to book a rental car and find us cheap theme park tickets. So I will be busy again this weekend surfing the internet and hopefully be able to find us some good deal.

Anyway, Friday is the day we have set to clean Julian's tank. So tonight, while cleaning the tank, I ask my daughter: "Who's gonna take care of Julian while we are in Florida?" She said we should bring it along. Of course we can't!

After a few more minutes my daughter said: "If we can't bring Julian with us, then we are not going to Florida!" You should see the expression on her face and hear the tone of her voice. She is determined to stay behind just to care for her beta fish.

So I just said that we will ask a friend to take care of Julian while we are away.


Girlie said...

wow 9 days! i'm sure you'll enjoy! that's a nice break for the family

evi said...

renting a house is very practical. this is my son's dream - to go to Disney World. hehe.. patricia is truly a loving pet owner.

Heart of Rachel said...

Wishing you a great trip.

Patricia's concern for her fish is a sign that she is a caring and responsible pet owner.

Hope you find someone to help take care of Julian while you're gone.

Francesca said...

jo, almost of the airlines do not have many passengers because of the crunch , and you got free tickets?
thats hard for the airline company,oy.

but , selos ako dyan sa miles mo ha...
sama ako!

Raquel said...

Wow, another vacation tapos free tickets! Ang dami mo ng mileage.

I think Julian can live without extra oxygen. Dalhin mo na, just add half water in a jar. And again, Patricia will tell you, she is the happiest girl in the world. Oh, I can imagine how sweet her face when she had Julian.

JO said...

Hi Girlie,
Thanks! We are all very excited already.

Hi Evi,
Renting a house vs hotel, difference is $110 higher for the house. But the convenience of all of us under 1 roof and a pool to use whenever we want to will compensate for that.

Hi Francesca,
It took us a long time to have this much mileage... buti na lang walang expiration ang miles sa NWA.

Hi Raquel,
No he can't. I can't put him in a jar for 12 hours [the length of our flight].

Love said...

just a suggestion, you can buy those fish food tablets that should be good for more than 2 weeks. we've left our fish for 1 month and they survived :)

JO said...

Hi Love,
Thanks! I will inquire about that.

Martha said...

We live in orlando! Be glad you are not here now.. it is COLD (for FL).

Too funny about the fish. You could never get away with this now, but when I was in college, I brought my goldfish home on the plane!

JO said...

Hi Martha,
I know its a lot of responsibilities that is why I have postpone getting a pet for as long as I could.