Our trip was a blast!

During our recent trip, I decided to not worry about our expenses. Everything were being charge to my Mastercard. I mean, it isn't everyday that we get to go on a vacation at Orlando. Might as well just enjoy the whole vacation. Right?

On our last day there, I had to shop at the gift stores inside Magic Kingdom. I don't really have a choice since we're leaving early the next morning. And I still needed to buy a Mickey's photo album. And with their promotion, I was able to buy a limited time piece wrist watch of Mickey for only $15.

But now that I saw our bills, it was beyond my initial budget. But what the heck? We had a great time! We had quality bonding time! And it was all worth it!

More pictures to follow!

Day 1: The Florida Aquarium

Our first day in Florida was spent in Tampa. I can only booked our free tickets via Tampa since the one for Orlando has limited choices.

We decided to visit a place we've never been to, and that's The Florida Aquarium. It is a 200,000 square feet, fully air-conditioned building that is the home of over 20,000+ aquatic plants and animals from around the world.

The biggest fish that we've seen so far! [photo on the right]

Later in the day, we took a short trip by boat to see some dolphins. This trip is called the EcoTour.

Litratong Pinoy: Bulaklak [Flower]

What do you pack?

My job at the airport is often times very interesting. Especially if I am the one searching the bags. You will be amazed to know the different things people pack in their carry-on bags. One with tons of playboy magazines... another lady with different types of diet pills... some with sex toys... while others try to carry items found in their bathroom!

I often tell people that do not pack anything in your carry-on that you don't want other people to see! You will never know when you will be selected for random checking.

Wordless Wedneday: Cinderella's Castle

Disney's Magic Kingdom, Orlando, Florida

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Home, Sweet Home

Our trip is finally over. We just got back today at 1:25pm. I wish we could take a vacation after our vacation. We should could use some since we were practically at the theme park the whole day for the 7 days that we were there. Very tiring indeed.

Florida weather was just perfect that week. 2 days of temp in the 30C... then the rest are below 20C. The last 2 days were actually colder than we anticipated.

I've got tons of pictures and videso. I honestly don't know if I will have the time to organize them.

Anyway, it was all a dream come true! Now, back to reality. Tomorrow, we are all going back to school and work!

On Electronic Games

Kids these days are very lucky. That’s what I keep telling my son. They have all these electronics games like Nintendo DS, Gameboy and Wii. And yet he is still not satisfied and wanted a PS3 and/or Xbox. Still despite having these games, he keeps on complaining about being “bored” since I still haven’t hooked up cable TV since we moved. How can I teach my son how to appreciate the little blessings that he has? How can I teach him that he doesn’t have to have everything to be happy?

Litratong Pinoy: Puso [Heart]

Ang bunso kong anak ay mahilig gumawa ng mga sulat para sa akin at sa kanyang tatay. Kada sulat niya ay may kasamang hugis na puso.

My daughter loves to write letters for me and her daddy. And in every letter, she would draw hearts.
"My name is Patricia. I am 7 years old. You are the best dad. You are the best mom. You are the best Patrick. You are the best Andrii. You are the best lolo. You are the best lola. You are the best Jesus. You are the best God. You are the best. I love you all. I thank you for my life. You are so fun. I love the Giving Tree. You are the best all of you. I love me!" ~ Written by Patricia, 2007 ~

Going on vacation!

We are leaving tomorrow for an unplanned vacation to Orlando, Florida. Unplanned because we weren't thinking of going at all. And then, we got envy of my SIL and her family going to Orlando. My kids missed their cousins in New York.

So I checked our Worldperks mileage and viola! We could get free tickets after all. All I have to pay are taxes [$55 each]. So we decided to go. You all know how I/we love Disney, Mickey and theme parks!

I actually have set aside a budget to furnished my new home. Months and months of savings cause I really want to buy new stuff. But because of this trip, some of the things that I wanted will have to wait a few more months because my budget has been diverted to the trip.

Priority... priority... did I have it all straight? Hmmm....

But before I go, let me leave you this wonderful, a must-see video.

Time to start packing... ciao!

Litratong Pinoy: Tsokolate [Chocolate]

Ito ang pinakapaborito kong tsokolate, ang Ferrero Rocher. Sumunod dito ay Toblerone.

This is my favorite chocolate... next is Toblerone.

Wordless Wednesday: A brand new Lexus in trouble

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My not so bare home

Take a peek at our main floor... I know I still need a couple more stuff to make this place really homey and cozy. But our budget sort of shifted to our "unplanned" trip to Orlando, Florida next week. So my decorating will have to wait for a couple more months. I need to wait till I get my hands on the check from the GST rebate on the house or our tax refund. ",)

As for our bedrooms, only my daughter's room has been organized. My son's room and our master bedroom still needs a lot of organizing. The basement is sort of organized, but its a little messy for me to share pictures of it. But I am getting there!

The whole house has to be ready and organized before my in-laws' arrival in March. I really, really need to find the time to do all my to-do list.

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