Going on vacation!

We are leaving tomorrow for an unplanned vacation to Orlando, Florida. Unplanned because we weren't thinking of going at all. And then, we got envy of my SIL and her family going to Orlando. My kids missed their cousins in New York.

So I checked our Worldperks mileage and viola! We could get free tickets after all. All I have to pay are taxes [$55 each]. So we decided to go. You all know how I/we love Disney, Mickey and theme parks!

I actually have set aside a budget to furnished my new home. Months and months of savings cause I really want to buy new stuff. But because of this trip, some of the things that I wanted will have to wait a few more months because my budget has been diverted to the trip.

Priority... priority... did I have it all straight? Hmmm....

But before I go, let me leave you this wonderful, a must-see video.

Time to start packing... ciao!


Moonlight-Mom said...

i'm with you jo. you got a good deal, so nothing wrong to spend some quality time with loved ones. :)

ghee said...

wowwww!sama ako Jo!i wanted to visit the disneyland in florida,too! much huge than the tokyo disney daw!

and wow again!gree tickets??go go Jo!

yeah,we have priorities...first things first..kaya mo yan,we can save again later naman db?family bonding to the max naman so hindi nakakapanghinayang :D

Raquel said...

Hi Jo, good luck and have fun in your vacation. Don't worry about the money, what is important, all of you are having a great time. Makikita mo rin ang pera after all.

pix pix pix

Heart of Rachel said...

Have a fabulous vacation Jo!

When you get back, please check out this I also have a penmanship tag for you. :)