Home, Sweet Home

Our trip is finally over. We just got back today at 1:25pm. I wish we could take a vacation after our vacation. We should could use some since we were practically at the theme park the whole day for the 7 days that we were there. Very tiring indeed.

Florida weather was just perfect that week. 2 days of temp in the 30C... then the rest are below 20C. The last 2 days were actually colder than we anticipated.

I've got tons of pictures and videso. I honestly don't know if I will have the time to organize them.

Anyway, it was all a dream come true! Now, back to reality. Tomorrow, we are all going back to school and work!


Heart of Rachel said...

Welcome back Jo!

Junnie said...

that is always the case...but then again, you made someone's dreams come true with the trip!

Welcome back!

Raquel said...

Welcome back Jo. I'm sure all of you had a blast.