My not so bare home

Take a peek at our main floor... I know I still need a couple more stuff to make this place really homey and cozy. But our budget sort of shifted to our "unplanned" trip to Orlando, Florida next week. So my decorating will have to wait for a couple more months. I need to wait till I get my hands on the check from the GST rebate on the house or our tax refund. ",)

As for our bedrooms, only my daughter's room has been organized. My son's room and our master bedroom still needs a lot of organizing. The basement is sort of organized, but its a little messy for me to share pictures of it. But I am getting there!

The whole house has to be ready and organized before my in-laws' arrival in March. I really, really need to find the time to do all my to-do list.

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    Raquel said...

    I like the kitchen and the dining table. It's nice to live a brand new house and brand new furniture. I can't imagine how much money you invest for this. I'm happy for you Jo. ;)

    MommyBa said...

    Wonderful and beautiful house you have. don't worry, you'll find the time to do everything. sabi nga nila, one day at a time.

    congratulations again!

    julie said...

    Nice! I agree with MommyBa,one day at a time :)

    JO said...

    Hi Raquel,
    It is now the time to invest on some nice furniture. I used to settle for items found on garage sale.

    Hi Liz and Julie,
    Yes, one day at a time... parang ang sarap lang i-ayos ang buong bahay. oh well.

    tin said...

    congratulations on your new home! just take it easy, i'm sure you'll have everything organized on the homefront soon. have fun in orlando!

    Heart of Rachel said...

    You have lovely home. I'm sure you'll have more time to focus on decorating when you get back. Have a lovely trip.

    JO said...

    Hi Tintin,

    Hi Rach,
    Thanks! I'm having my first get-together dinner on Friday with some friends from work.