Our trip was a blast!

During our recent trip, I decided to not worry about our expenses. Everything were being charge to my Mastercard. I mean, it isn't everyday that we get to go on a vacation at Orlando. Might as well just enjoy the whole vacation. Right?

On our last day there, I had to shop at the gift stores inside Magic Kingdom. I don't really have a choice since we're leaving early the next morning. And I still needed to buy a Mickey's photo album. And with their promotion, I was able to buy a limited time piece wrist watch of Mickey for only $15.

But now that I saw our bills, it was beyond my initial budget. But what the heck? We had a great time! We had quality bonding time! And it was all worth it!

More pictures to follow!


Raquel said...

I am like that too. Sasamantalahin nalang natin, andun na tau eh. kung makabalik man uli tau pero hanggang kilan pa.

Ok, I'm looking forward the pictures.

Linnor said...

yep, you can never put a price tag on those precious moments with loved ones. kaya ok lang yan. :)

Kathy said...

OOO That was a brave brave thing to do with the "budget". I don't think I could do that. Nice photos. I haven't been down there for years. Sounds like a great trip.

Thanks for visiting my site!!!

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
That's what I thought too... kaya lang mabilis mag go over the budget. hehehe...

Hi Linnor,
Precious moments indeed!

Hi Kathy,
I guess I was brave because I know we are getting tax refund that would pay it off. It's a good thing our expenses is below the refund we are getting. So we're safe.

Butch said...

and the bill was...? :-)

a big part of me is with Kathy and a bit is with Raquel...

but then again, as you said - the trip was a blast! so that justifies everything!

Heart of Rachel said...

I'm sure all the fun and memorable moments during your trip make the bill worth it.

Junnie said...

bills are just there to remind us of how great the trip was!!!

the larger it is, the more memories we were able to create! besides isnt vacationing the reason why we are working so hard :) ? kunsintidor although matipid ako for certain things (baon meals, flex packs, cheap flights, etc)

d3nd3n said...

Hi Jo! Glad you all enjoyed your trip. Looking forward to more pictures.

JO said...

Hi Butch,
I know that me and my husband are both getting tax refund. That's the main reason why I decided not to worry about budget. ",)

Hi Rach,
It was worth it! Besides I don't see myself going back there anytime soon... we'll probably visit other places before we would consider going back to Orlando.

Hi Junnie,
Laking bagay na yung free plane tickets... courtesy of our miles with NWA.

Hi Denden,

fennymun said...

Hi Jo, that seems to be common among moms ~ thinking over and over about costs during trips. Anyway, memories count more and I always remind myself to worry about credit card payment later. :)

JO said...

Hi Fenny,
This is the first time I've done this! I'm always calculating our expenses whenever we go home for vacation or any other place. So I'll know when to stop shopping.