Day 8: Hollywood Studios

It's my SIL's birthday and we had a magical day at Disney's Hollywood Studios and went to Magic Kingdom for dinner and fireworks!

The birthday girl and her husband

Here's a recap of our Florida trip --

Day 1: Florida Aquarium
Day 2: Sea World
Day 3: Disney's Magic Kingdom
Day 4: Kennedy Space Center
Day 5: Sea World and Universal Studios
Day 6 and 7: Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios
Day 8: Hollywood Studios

And then it was time to go back to reality! It was all a dream!

Day 6 and 7: Islands of Adventure and Universal

Day 6: It's just hubby and me!

Since my in-laws wanted to rest and stay home on this day. Hubby and I decided to leave the kids with them since they just wanted to swim and play with their cousins. Hubby and I went to mass, and then stop by the outlet store and did some shopping. Later in the afternoon we went to Islands of Adventure! And it was great! We get to ride the Hulk and the Dueling Dragons [multiple times] without having to worry about the kids.

I didn't have that much pictures. I left my Nikon at home so that there will be no worries when we went for the rides.

Day 7: It's back to Islands of Adventure and Universal Studios with my in-laws.

Universal Studios

Islands of Adventure

Patricia just love taking care of cousin Andrii

Day 5: Sea World and Universal Studios

Valentine's Day!

We got a second day free pass so we decided to go back to Sea World to watch the other shows that we missed.

Later on that day, we met my in-laws at Universal Studios.

The Simpsons' 3D ride is the best 3D ever!!! Patricia and cousin Andrii loved it!

Then later that evening, we had a little dinner party at home with Mike's cousins and their family.

Meet Ryan and Rachelle [cousins from Tampa]

Andrii copying little Ryan

Weekend Snapshot #8: Winter storm

Just when we were starting to enjoy the warmer weather... we woke up today with 10 cm of snow!

Day 4: Kennedy Space Center

Rocket Garden in the background

Launch Complex 39

Vehicle Assembly Building or VAB equals 3.75 Empire State Building!

Hubby and I have been wanting to visit Kennedy Space Center when we were there last 2004, but because his family didn't want to go, we decided to just stay with the group. This trip though, we already made plans to go there with or without them. My in-laws decided to stay home to rest and relax instead of joining us for this trip.

It was definitely a whole new experience for all of us. After we visited Kennedy Space Center and learn about the Apollo missions, hubby and I suddenly had this urge to watch Apollo 13... even my son wants to watch the movie. And we all did!

Day 3: Magic Kingdom

Minnie's House

Mickey's House

To see Cinderella's Castle and fireworks, click here.

Day 2: SeaWorld

This girl was holding her breath for a long time... first I took a picture of her alone and then I ask my kids to join in... it took them awhile to look at me. This girl picks up seashells that contains little pearl for those who wish to buy them.

Spectacular Shamu!

and the Dolphins were just fantastic!