Day 2: SeaWorld

This girl was holding her breath for a long time... first I took a picture of her alone and then I ask my kids to join in... it took them awhile to look at me. This girl picks up seashells that contains little pearl for those who wish to buy them.

Spectacular Shamu!

and the Dolphins were just fantastic!


Francesca said...

woooooowwwwhooooo! ang ganda ganda, ganyn pala sa florida.Punta ako dyan bukas din.Makita man lang yung babae na sexy, hihi.

stan said...

One of my favourite must-do attractions on my trips if the destinations have them of course.

Raquel said...

Great shot Jo. Wow, my big screen pa.

Naku, I can hold my breath hanggang seconds lang.

Heart of Rachel said...

The killer whale and dolphin show looks spectacular.

I admire that girl who can hold her breath for a long time. I don't even know how to swim.

JO said...

Hi Francesca,
Punta na! Bilis! Habang di pa sobrang init doon.

Hi Stan,
The shows are definitely worth watching.

Hi Raquel,

Hi Rach,
Me neither.