Day 3: Magic Kingdom

Minnie's House

Mickey's House

To see Cinderella's Castle and fireworks, click here.


Raquel said...

Ang ganda ng mga kulay. I like Minnie's house better.

tintin said...

Your daughter is just growing up to be so beautiful! Heheh, look at her her hug with Minnie at the last pic. That is precious.

Heart of Rachel said...

I love everything about Minnie's house. I love the pretty colors and cute stuff inside. That's a sweet hug at the end.

evi said...

wow! i missed a lot of your entries. i think minnie's house in florida is larger than in california. of course!

gosh jo, as in tamad na tamad na ako mag-blog. hehe...

ann said...

Ang ganda sa loob! Parang isang malaking doll house.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes it is really very pretty inside.

Hi Tintin and Rach,
Thanks! She did enjoy this trip more than her first one [she was 4 yrs old then.]

Hi Evi,
I'm sure you have your hands full... me too... I find it hard to update my blog regularly too. That's why they are mostly photo entry... pictures do tell a thousand words.

Hi Ann,
It sure is!