Red Rock Canyon, Nevada

"Red Rock Canyon National Conservation Area is an oasis in a neon desert.

'Red Rock' as it is known to the locals, gets its name from the red colored sandstone formation embedded in the mountains that form the western and northern margins of this small valley. The distinct red colored layers of sandstone streak horizontally across mountains known as the Wilson Cliffs and can be seen from almost anywhere in Las Vegas valley.

From red...

to white....

Las Vegas, The Sin city

Would you believe that hubby and I went in and out of casinos and not even once did we play? We just didn't have the time! Our priority is to take pictures in and out of hotels/casinos.

The Bellagio

Jean Philippe's World's Largest Chocolate Fountain in Bellagio


The Palazzo


On top of Eiffel Tower, scaled 1/2 of the original Eiffel Tower
Bellagio's Fountain

Treasure Island

Caesars Palace

Mandalay Bay where Pacquio had his victory party!

His gloves and portrait on display at Mandalay Bay's museum

The Venetian

Indoor Gondola at the Venetian

I love the Venetian the most! Truly a romantic place to be. Hubby doesn't want to ride the Gondola with me. But he promise to take me to the real one!

Next stop, Red Rock Canyon... pictures to follow.

Two days in Las Vegas isn't enough! Temp was at 100F+ or 38C+. If its cooler, we might be able to cover more hotels.

Conversation #24: You pay for the taxes

This happened about 2 years ago... While walking around the mall, we pass my People's Jewelry where they have big banners on diamond rings. The first banner costs $3000, the second banner $2000 and the last one was $1000.

ME: "Patrick, you study real hard so that you can afford to buy me a diamond ring someday."

We were on the first banner then, priced at $3000.

PATRICK: "Mommy, that is very expensive!"

Then he saw the third banner, priced at $1000.

PATRICK: "Ok Mom. I will buy you this one only. But you pay for the taxes!"

ME: "Patrick, if you can afford to buy me this one, taxes shouldn't be a problem to you too." [FYI: Taxes for a $1000 item will be $50, that's 5%.]


As soon as my plane landed in LA, Friday @ 2pm, I picked up my rental car, met hubby's cousin and our first stop was In and Out burger for my lunch.

Second stop was at Samy's where I bought the remote for my Nikon. I was told the cameras and electronics are cheaper in the US. But they are not! It is still cheaper in Canada.

Then we headed to downtown LA to meet hubby at his hotel @ 4pm. It was so hard to drive in LA. The roads are a bit confusing!

By 4:30pm we were on Hollywood Blvd and walk around the Kodak Theater and the Walk of fame. Spent about an hour here.

Then we proceeded to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

By 8pm we were on our way to Santa Monica Pier and had a late dinner at Third Street Promenade.

Then we drove back to the rental car 'coz I needed to add hubby as a driver for our trip to Vegas the next day.

Saturday, we left the house at 8:30am and headed for Las Vegas. On our way, our first stop was an outlet mall. I wanted to buy something nice for my 2 babysitters. Second stop was the Calico Ghost Town.

Las Vegas pictures to follow...

Calico Ghost Town

We had the most interesting and hectic 4 days in Los Angeles and Las Vegas. I took over 1100 pictures!

Temperature in Death Valley and Las Vegas was in the high of 42C/104F... It was really, really hot and I almost had a heat stroke while touring Calico Ghost Town. I just felt faint and dizzy all of a sudden and had to sit in a shaded area.

Anyway, while trying to recover, I saw this couple who were walking while holding a Kettlebell. I can't believe they were trying to work out while sight seeing in that temperature! Too bad I was too faint to take a picture of them... anyway, here's some pictures from Calico Ghost Town...

Food Trip

Hubby and I had a blast eating our favorite foods in Las Vegas and LA. We ate at Camelot Steakhouse in Las Vegas. I had meatloaf and hubby got the steak sandwich.

A friend of hubby's cousin in Las Vegas serve us dinner before our trip back to LA. Menu includes Jollibee's chicken joy and pancit malabon, Red Ribbon's fresh lumpia and kare-kare.

We also ate at Shakey's buffet in LA before our flight back. Menu includes spaghetti, chicken, mojos, salad bar and pizza. For $8+ per person, we left with a happy tummy.

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