Food Trip

Hubby and I had a blast eating our favorite foods in Las Vegas and LA. We ate at Camelot Steakhouse in Las Vegas. I had meatloaf and hubby got the steak sandwich.

A friend of hubby's cousin in Las Vegas serve us dinner before our trip back to LA. Menu includes Jollibee's chicken joy and pancit malabon, Red Ribbon's fresh lumpia and kare-kare.

We also ate at Shakey's buffet in LA before our flight back. Menu includes spaghetti, chicken, mojos, salad bar and pizza. For $8+ per person, we left with a happy tummy.

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ghee said...

food trip nga!!miss ko na ang ganitong food,ughhh! :D

joe-ann said...

wow..that's what you call made me hungry.

Anonymous said...

hi. i love your blog..:-) nice food trips...hope you can visit back..

Heart of Rachel said...

Everything looks yummy!

JO said...

Hi Ghee,
Galing talaga sa LA at Vegas, they've got all our favorite Filipino food.

Hi Joe-Ann,
Food trip is the best part of any vacation!

Hi Pensive Mind,
Thanks for stopping by... and I hope to see you back here.

Hi Rach,
It's yummy alright!

Raquel said...

Naku, ang sarap niyan Jo at super ganda pa ng mga kuha.