Yes! I am free at last! Tax season is officially over for me! I did an average of 30-37 returns per day the past 10 days! People just prefer to come and do their taxes the last minute thinking that if they owe, they will still have time till they received a bill from CRA. Wrong! If you owe and you want to avoid paying interest and penalties, you still have to file and pay on the 30th of April.

I have been addicted to Booster Juice the past 10 days too... it was just conveniently located 2 doors from our tax office. And though I have worked in that office for the past 3 tax season, I have never tried it until this time. Their juice averages $5-7 each. Yes, too pricey! But I loved their Chicken Paninis.

And since yesterday was my last day in that area, I decided to buy my last Booster Juice for the year (hopefully). And my colleagues were teasing me that I may need some diet pill to help me reduce the weight that I put on from Booster Juice.

This is precisely why I prefer to drink coca cola instead of juices. Pop drinks just costs a lot cheaper.

Today is party time! We are throwing a surprise birthday party to our friend at the airport. And by tomorrow, I will be back to full time blogging and hopefully get to read all your past posts.

Yey, it's good to have some free time at last!


Linnor said...

happy for you jo! :) i admire your hardwork. you deserve the break.

marc said...

Juices and cola both contain an exorbitant amount of sugar hehe you'll put on weight drinking either.

This is marc, btw, of This is my new domain. Update, please? I'll link you up too! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Have fun at the party. Enjoy!

Junnie said...


About Booster Juice, i love their juice after a work out, and you're right, the cost is really pocket draining. Their Spinach paninis, especially with Tuna as palaman is Da Best! ayan, i should get one now...later after Gym.

natawa naman ako sa hirit mo about Coke na lang, since parehong nakakataba...hahahahaha

JO said...

Thanks Linnor.

Hi Marc,
Glad to see you still here.

Hi Rachel,
It sure was a fun party!

Hi Junnie,
Hahaha... I know both are loaded with sugar, pero parang comfort food/drink ko ang coke eh..

Raquel said...

I agree with marc. Coke makes us fat he-he. Syanga pala, I gained 10 lbs na. [grin]

Glad you're back and free from tax season.

JO said...

Hi Raquel,
Yes I know! Oh no! You worked so hard on losing weight and now its back.