Las Vegas, The Sin city

Would you believe that hubby and I went in and out of casinos and not even once did we play? We just didn't have the time! Our priority is to take pictures in and out of hotels/casinos.

The Bellagio

Jean Philippe's World's Largest Chocolate Fountain in Bellagio


The Palazzo


On top of Eiffel Tower, scaled 1/2 of the original Eiffel Tower
Bellagio's Fountain

Treasure Island

Caesars Palace

Mandalay Bay where Pacquio had his victory party!

His gloves and portrait on display at Mandalay Bay's museum

The Venetian

Indoor Gondola at the Venetian

I love the Venetian the most! Truly a romantic place to be. Hubby doesn't want to ride the Gondola with me. But he promise to take me to the real one!

Next stop, Red Rock Canyon... pictures to follow.

Two days in Las Vegas isn't enough! Temp was at 100F+ or 38C+. If its cooler, we might be able to cover more hotels.


stan said...

I was at Vegas' Asian cousin, Macau, recently. Love the elaborate details in the Venetian.

d3nd3n said...

yay! a real gondola ride is way better. gret pics Jo! :)

Heart of Rachel said...

Those are spectacular hotels. I'm taken by your photos of The Venetian. It looks like a romantic place.

ghee said...

wow Jo!!Amazing pics!and teh fact na naglaro kayo sa casino for how many times huh?i luv those kinds of places,kaya siguro di ako ginawang rich ni Lord,kasi malamang nasa LA ako lagi,hehe.once ko lang naranasan yan,sa cebu :D

justice said...

sarap naman. one day i hope to see this place too. dream dream dream :-)