As soon as my plane landed in LA, Friday @ 2pm, I picked up my rental car, met hubby's cousin and our first stop was In and Out burger for my lunch.

Second stop was at Samy's where I bought the remote for my Nikon. I was told the cameras and electronics are cheaper in the US. But they are not! It is still cheaper in Canada.

Then we headed to downtown LA to meet hubby at his hotel @ 4pm. It was so hard to drive in LA. The roads are a bit confusing!

By 4:30pm we were on Hollywood Blvd and walk around the Kodak Theater and the Walk of fame. Spent about an hour here.

Then we proceeded to Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills.

By 8pm we were on our way to Santa Monica Pier and had a late dinner at Third Street Promenade.

Then we drove back to the rental car 'coz I needed to add hubby as a driver for our trip to Vegas the next day.

Saturday, we left the house at 8:30am and headed for Las Vegas. On our way, our first stop was an outlet mall. I wanted to buy something nice for my 2 babysitters. Second stop was the Calico Ghost Town.

Las Vegas pictures to follow...


Junnie said...

Glad you enjoyed LA....I can see familiar places and the same places I really recommend kasi I also enjoy being there...:)

And yes, great choice for a first meal - "In and Out" on Lincoln and Sepulveda? ok ba?

JO said...

Hi Junnie,
Ang galing galing mo naman... you even know the location of In and Out. I'm not really a burger type of person, but it was ok.

d3nd3n said...

oh, in & out. i've heard about them. looking forward to more pics from your trip

JO said...

Hi Denden!

Heart of Rachel said...

Glad you had fun going around LA. I like the photo of you at Tiffany & Co.