Another visit, another possible trip?

My mother-in-law is planning on another visit here and to my sister-in-law in New York City this October-November. My kids are very excited as usual. But since she only plan to stay here for less than 2 weeks and a month in New York, we thought that we could just save her the trip by meeting her in New York and see my sister-in-law and her family as well.

Last time we were in New York was in 2006, my kids really missed their cousins there. And I didn’t have my Nikon then, so I wanted to go back and take some cool photos of Time Square.

I checked the tickets for November and it’s about C$400 per person, round trip. But this also means that my kids will miss 3 days of school. We’ll see how it goes.

Though we’ve been there quite a few times already, we have never joined the New York City tours. One thing that my husband loves to do when we visit a city is to join the city tour. Because it is through the guide’s narrative that we can learn about the historical and famous places the city has. It does pays to have this information being narrated to you while sightseeing.


Mich said...

wow i really love traveling! i'm sure the kids are really excited :)