Life isn't fair at all!

I consider myself a hard working person. Of course, occasionally the laziness kicks in. I still get the job done to the best of my knowledge and understanding. What I hated the most is being picked on at work. Not picked on as bullying... but picked on to do this and that when there are other officers who can do the job. I am not the only qualified one.

Majority of my co-workers are Punjabi people and like most culture, when they are together, they speak their language. That is fine with me, as I speak Tagalog among my Filipino friends too. But why is it that whenever there are things that needs to be done, I'm their [supervisors] first pick? Is it because I'm the only non-Punjabi speaking people in the room? That is simply not fair.

If everybody in the room will do their share/part, then there's no one person who will get stuck with the odd job. Just because there's a few people who don't mind doing that particularly odd job, it doesn't mean that I wouldn't mind too. Well, I do mind and I don't want it! I can do my share for the day, but I will not allow myself to get stuck there for the rest of the day!

Well, today, I decided to speak up! I may not have thought of it thoroughly, but I stood up for myself and got what I wanted. From now on, no more Ms Nice Gal.


KAI said...

You're very right on being "no more Ms Nice Gal" at work. Kaso ganito rin ang siste sa trabaho ko. Ugali kasi nating mga Pinoy na sige, ok lang, kaya ko 'to pero aba naman, minsan talagang nakakaiinis na dahil sa atin ba naman i-asa lahat. Eto ha example, dati hindi ako nag-cover ng isang desk kasi nga overloaded na din ako, kaya yong isang euro ang gumawa, eh kaso nga hindi naman nya nagawang mabuti kaayo pagbalik nung may ari dalawang araw syang back log. Kaya may-i-ask si Manager na ako ang i-train, hindi naman pwede yong ay 'yoko nga kaya yes sir ako. Ang nangyari dalawang desks dala ko kasi daw kaya ko, di ko na nga ginamit yong lunch break ko tapos yong iba naglulunch break at naiwan akong nagngingitngit. Sa akin ba iasa lahat pag may nag kasi nga kasalanan ko rin kasi hindi ako marunong mag "no". Pero, talaga pag next time mangyari, mag Gabriela Silang na din kaya ako?

Haba naman ng comments ko :) Pero dapat talaga merong line kung saan lang dapat maging nice sa buhay ano..

Raquel said...

It is good that you know when they are taking unfair advantage of you; and it is better still that you stand up for yourself and defend yourself against being abused and misused in that way. If you don't take care of yourself, no one else will.

JO said...

Hi Kai,
Never good to just say "yes" all the time... they know that Filipinos are hard working and we get abuse for it.

Hi Raquel,
I always have stood up for myself, but this is the last straw. From now on, she better watch out, because a little mistake on her part, and I will get her in trouble too!

d3nd3n said...

Good for you Jo on standing up for yourself.

We Filipinos are hardworkers by nature that sometimes people take advantage of us. Hope they got the message.

Have a nice weekend. :)

JO said...

Hi Denden,
Thanks! and same to you.