"ME" time

What do you love to do if you have your "me" time?

Now that tax season is over, I only have to work twice a week at the airport. Sometimes more if I decide to pick up shifts, but since summer is approaching and I don't have a sitter, I will be staying home with my kids.

Here's the things I love to do during my "me" time --

  • Get a full body massage [I have an appointment for Thursday]
  • Watch movies
  • Sleep in till noon time or close to noon time
  • Plan for a get together or out of town trip
  • Organize our pictures in photo albums [I just finished 3 albums in the last 2 weeks, this includes our pictures from the Philippines in June 2008]
  • Update my kids' journal... I have a journal for each of them. [I've recorded all their "firsts" and achievements/milestones and their likes and dislikes as they grow older. It also contains some pictures, the places they've been to and the friends they've made along the way.]
  • and the most important of it all, is to have peace and quiet at home, alone.


Gem said...

Nice reflection. Perhaps I should write my own ME time in my personal blog too.

I always had that peace and quiet at home, and I do have that right now. My kid has just started her school days and my old folks are out.

I'd appreciate some noise though.

Toni said...

Me time is spent watching DVDs, playing video games, reading. I love me time. :)

JO said...

Hi Gem,
Oh I still get plenty of those noise as soon as my kids are home and on weekends... it is seldom that I would have a peace and quiet time.

Hi Toni,
I can't really find the time to sit and read... though thanks to you, I finished the Twilight series.

Gem said...

Really? You really need one. If it's possible to trade places with you...